Time Is A Prize

The sales team at Iowa City-based Bankers Advertising (asi/131650) is always on the hunt for fun new products to show clients. When they discovered the Right on Time watch (product 31773) from Norwood (asi/74400), they felt they had a winner – and they were right.

Bankers Division Sales Manager Cathy Griffith explains that the watch – which features glow-in-the-dark hands – was recently pitched to a buyer at a large hospital. “This particular buyer likes new, outside-the-box items and the watch suited that taste,” says Griffith.

Indeed, the client ordered 250 of the watches for a bingo event the hospital was orchestrating to raise funds to fight cancer. Featuring the hospital’s name and website on the band, the watches were given away as prizes to the bingo participants. “The hospital was very pleased with how everything turned out,” says Griffith.

As she sees it, the watch – which has silver numbers and comes in colors that include sky blue, violet, green and orange – could potentially catch the attention of a wide variety of end-buyers. Particular organizations and events that may be interested include universities, sororities, fundraisers, rewards programs, scavenger hunts, tech firms, nonprofits, graphic design companies, team events and more. “I would show this watch,” says Griffith, “to anybody looking for something that’s appealing and different.”