Sterling Switches to Biodegradable Packaging

Sterling Cut Glass (asi/89663) has advanced to a biodegradable loose-fill packaging (packing peanuts) for all ground and air shipments. The new packaging material is water soluble. Therefore the “peanuts” dissolve in water for easy disposal. In addition to being water soluble, the new packaging material is kid-friendly, pet-safe, non-plastic and non-petroleum based, made from renewable resources, compostable, static-free and reusable (if not dissolved).

“Sterling has made the decision to switch to biodegradable loose-fill packaging in order to be a more eco-friendly company,” says J. Brook Dyas, COO. All shipments with the new packaging will contain an informational card (made of recycled paper) with the packing statement letting the recipient know that the packaging is biodegradable and water-soluble for easy disposal.