Sales Boost

Propel Your Sales Forward this Month

Step1 - Build a Winning Attitude

June is the perfect time to assess how your year’s objectives are developing – and to change course if need be. Sometimes, that change requires an attitude adjustment. Take our quiz to find out if your mindset needs improving and learn ways to make your outlook – and sales – more positive today.

Step2 - Manage your time effectively


A few minutes browsing the Internet, some time chatting with co-workers, a couple hours spent on low-priority items and before you know it, the week is over and you’re far short of your sales goals. Want to be more successful? Follow these tips for maximizing productivity.

Step3 - Take the stress out of conflict resolution


When clients are irate, a positive, proactive approach can defuse their anger and put you in control. Use this proven strategy to find a speedy resolution – and lower your stress level.


By volunteering at local events and for community organizations, you can forge connections that lead to lucrative business relationships. Donating your time is a proven sales booster.

Step5 - Target this niche: Fun Runs

From Seattle to West Palm Beach, communities across the country play host to running races like 5Ks and half marathons. Here’s how to target this great sales opportunity.