Chill Out

Coolers are a perfect incentive, and a great place to showcase your logo. Promote their durability, portability and their desirability as an all-purpose accessory for summer fun. Coolers are a guaranteed good-time delivery system with your name written all over it.

Giving the user what they want is a big part of a successful promotion. When Tempe, AZ-based Sportex Safety/Ad-Vantage Marketing (asi/109339) had a client looking for a one-year safety award to distribute to over 600 workers on one of its construction sites, the distributor knew what to look for.

“More and more clients are recognizing that when you give something that can be used not just on the job, but also on the weekend, that product fits very well,” says Larry Deutsch, sales manager for the distributor. With that in mind, Deutsch suggested a choice between a black cooler and the 24-pack camo cooler (product P7655) from Preferred Nation (asi/79384). When employees were asked their preference, the camo model was the clear winner.

A big reason, aside from the cooler’s PEVA-lined main compartment and effective performance, was that the camo print resonated with the workers’ lifestyles. “Craft workers tend to be weekend warriors,” says Deutsch. “These guys typically hunt and fish on the weekends; they’re generally outdoor enthusiasts. That’s where the camo comes into play.” By considering how this product would best be used by its employees – not just at work, but whenever – Deutsch’s client sent another message in addition to its primary message of worker safety. “It shows that they care about their workers aside from just the workplace,” he says.