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Make a $2,329 profit with your client’s next promotion.

Dance Recital

The young students at Mr. Tony’s School of Dance are working hard for their recital, busy learning the art of movement and the discipline of art. To make the event an unforgettable night of entertainment, and to spread the word about the school, Mr. Tony has partnered with his favorite distributor to choreograph a promotion that doesn’t miss a beat.

Keeping students interested once the routines become increasingly demanding is a challenge. By the fourth class, whoever’s still standing deserves a color-changing sport bottle after sweating it out under Mr. Tony’s unflinching gaze.Tragglers are sternly discouraged, so a plastic soup mug will make quick meals easier to consume on the run. Keep everyone hands-free with a colorful cotton wristband with grommet and split-ring for hanging on to important accessories.

To prepare for the big night, send an inventive custom coupon gatefold folder to students’ homes with coupons for friends and family members, and add a photo of the student to make it personal. A custom cereal box can be filled with some healthy edibles for a unique teaser of the upcoming extravaganza, and a stylish poly-canvas duffel bag helps students collect their outfits while its large imprint reminds everyone what all the effort is leading up to.

On the night of the recital, work some promos into the show. A custom hand fan cut to the shape of Mr. Tony’s fairly large head makes a fun prop. Design a costume for one of the routines around a pair of sublimated socks imprinted to commemorate the event. And for the people in the seats who paid for all this, give each a plastic hand clapper to make them part of the show, cueing them when to wave ‘em in the air like they truly do care.

Mr. Tony’s is fond of bellowing “Go big or go home!” – a phrase that often brings tears when a dithering student thinks it’s their cue to hit the road. But it’s just a rallying cry to help muster ambition and encourage students to give it their all. Fun, memorable giveaways do the same thing and keep special events from seeming like the same old song and dance.

Profit Potential

Here is a breakdown of our suggested items, their list prices and price codes, all boiled down to your potential profits. Keep in mind, supplier prices were current as of press time but are subject to change.

  Price Code Quantity Total Profit
Bottle $2.65 r 100 $265 $106
Mug 8.95 r 144 $1,289 $516
Wristband 3.30 r 150 $495 $198
Brochure 3.20 p 150 $480 $240
Cereal Box 1.60 r 250 $400 $160
Duffel Bag 9.78 r 100 $978 $391
Fan 0.82 r 250 $205 $82
Socks 9.30 r 120 $1,116 $446
Clapper 0.95 r 500 $475 $190
      Total $5,703 $2,329

Don't target only one group think of all groups that will involved with an event and pitch products are your stretch goal

Born To Dance

GoBands are wristbands that can have multiple items (whistles, sunscreen, etc.) attached to them. From Lewtan, asi/67230, 800-LEW-TAN8.

Bottle changes color when filled with cold liquid and comes in seven colors. From Aakron Rule Corp.,asi/30270, 800-828-1570.

Break-resistant plastic soup mug features a gasket-fit lid with spoon that locks into the lid. From VisionUSA, asi/80060, 800-422-2780.

Recital Invite

Custom coupon gatefold folder displays photos and is printed on 12-point card stock. From Warwick Publishing Co., asi/95280, 800-383-7149.

Spacious vintage-inspired sport duffel bag is made with 600D poly-canvas. From Bullet Line, asi/42424,800-749-7367.

Custom laminated cereal-type boxes can be filled with cereal or other tasty fill. From Admints & Zagabor, asi/31516, 866-556-4687.


Jazz up any clients’ events with customized hand fans. From Lion Circle, asi/67620,800-255-2480.

Full-cushion, sublimated tube sock features the ability to personalize it with a unique design. From Sports Solutions Inc., asi/88876,800-257-4075.

Hand clapper is perfect for parties and events of any kind. From Lanco, asi/66224,800-938-4500.