Sales Boost: Step 5 - Target This Niche: Private Companies In Education

Increase sales by delivering winning solutions for private companies that provide services and materials within the education sector.

One-of-A-Kind Chocolate

Increase sales by delivering winning solutions for private companies that provide services and materials within the education sector.

When you think about the education market, schools, universities, colleges and even alumni associations are among the first entities that likely come to mind. But there exist many private industry companies attached to the education field that potentially make quality clients, too. Standardized testing companies, after-school learning centers, tutoring programs, private virtual charter schools and more all operate in this bustling arena.

Savvy distributors like CEShoppes-Powered by Proforma (asi/300094) are generating sales by providing branded solutions to such companies. CEShoppes recently orchestrated a complicated order involving personalized food products for Student Aid Services, a company that helps colleges and universities increase enrollment by providing prospective students with personalized information to help them better plan for the financial commitment of a college education.

Student Aid Services was eager to give the post-secondary institutions it works with a special thank-you gift. Each gift had to be unique and personalized because the firm prides itself on delivering personalized communications. CEShoppes’ DJ and Najla Furgason came up with a perfect solution.

They worked with one of their key vendor partners, Chocolate Chocolate (asi/44897), to create personalized two-pound chocolate bars for Student Aid Services to send to hundreds of its higher education clients. Each bar featured the particular name of the receiving college or university molded into the chocolate, along with the Student Aid Services logo. The customization didn’t end there, though. CEShoppes arranged to have the bars sent in boxes that had bands that bore the name of each institution. “Every bar was different, every band unique,” says DJ Furgason.

Thanks to the help of CEShoppes and Chocolate Chocolate, Student Aid Services was able to send these delectable personalized gifts to about 300 colleges and universities. “It was not a small project,” says DJ Furgason, “but it was a very successful one.” The client was especially impressed that CEShoppes succeeded where competitors had been stumped. “They were having trouble finding someone to do this for them,” says Furgason, “but thanks to our relationship with Chocolate Chocolate, we were able to give them exactly what they were looking for.”

By the numbers

  • 4.34 Million At least that many students have enrolled in after-school education classes at Kumon Centers, which teach a unique approach to learning math and reading.
  • $7.5 Billion That’s the approximate sales tally that standardized test maker Pearson reported in 2014.

Biz Tips:

There is a range of potential partners in this niche within the education market. Their specialties, focuses and goals vary. As such, it’s important to research each prospect before approaching them. Once you get an initial meeting, draw on your research to ask insightful questions that enable you to develop a well-rounded understanding of the company, the buyer, their broad organizational goals and the objectives for the specific promotional initiative you’re aiming to help them with.

As seen in this virtual example, CEShoppes-Powered by Proforma teamed up with Chocolate Chocolate to create custom chocolate bars for a company to send to its university clients.*(See footnote)

*Footnote: “Bellmount College” is fictional. It’s used only for demonstration purposes.

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