Promotions Planner

Plan creative campaigns three months ahead of time.


Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month

Dog bone-shaped stress relievers and keychains are a couple products shelters, veterinarians and pet spas can give out to raise awareness about the importance – and potential joy – of making rescue dogs new members of households everywhere (

National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
Schools, nonprofits and community groups across the country will be hosting special activities and events that are centered on spreading an anti-bullying message ( Product possibilities include brandable coloring books with bullying awareness storylines and T-shirts that feature an organization’s branding alongside a clever anti-bullying slogan.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month
Help companies promote cyber security initiatives to employees with techy products like logoed USB drives that contain cyber security strategies. Supplement the tech products with fun novelty items – say, plastic hardhats with slogans about protecting yourself online (

National Physical Therapy Month
Thousands of physical therapists host special activities in their communities to increase awareness about the role they play in restoring and improving motion in people’s lives ( Promote that effort with items built around the theme of movement and flexibility, such as rubber exercise resistance bands and jump ropes with branded handles.

Oct. 3 National Diversity Day
Keyring whistles that say “Call A Foul On Intolerance” are among the cleverly sloganed items that can help top-performing companies promote internal diversity initiatives aimed at creating a respectful, tolerant workplace (

Oct. 5-11 Fire Prevention Week
Assist schools and fire departments in their mission to raise awareness about fire safety with products like stress relievers shaped like fire extinguishers, fire truck keychains and brandable coloring books with fire safety tips (

Oct. 8 Emergency Nurses Day
Clients in the health- care industry will want to recognize emergency nurses for their hard work and dedication with gifts like quality fleeces and watches that bear the client’s branding and the recipient’s name (

Oct. 16 National Boss Day
Aid human resource departments in creating a culture of employee appreciation with gifts for valued managers. Logoed mugs and pens will work, or you could take a unique angle and find a product that’s specific to the particular manager’s job and/or industry (

Oct. 17 National Mammography Day
Empower health-care providers to reward women who undergo important breast examinations by providing them with buttons and ribbons that feature a slogan about getting tested – and the name and contact information of the testing center (

Oct. 31 – Nov. 2 Halloween Weekend
Halloween falls on a Friday, which means bars and nightclubs will be hosting spooktastically themed events throughout the weekend. Branded wristbands will help these clients keep track of attendees who’ve paid the door charge, while Halloween-themed T-shirts and tank tops can be provided for staff.