Marathon And Prestige To End Affiliation

Longstanding industry partners Marathon Mfg. & Supply Co./Prestige Lines Inc. (asi/68707) have announced they will no longer be affiliated as of September 30, 2014. As part of the transition, Marathon is asking that all orders, invoices, payments and inquiries be made directly to Marathon Mfg. & Supply Co. going forward.

“The only change for some customers will be that orders and phone calls should now all be placed to Marathon,” said Renee Edwards, general manager at Marathon Mfg. “We have many customers that already do that so it is just a matter of transitioning the rest.”

As the sales firm for Marathon, Prestige has led efforts to gather orders, check credit and answer product inquiries – responsibilities that Marathon employees will now take on. Bud Roberts, the owner of Prestige Lines, will remain as an on-call consultant for Marathon through March of 2015. Separately, Roberts will continue to serve as sales manager for the ad specialty division at Soyad (asi/88403).

“It’s time for me to slow down a little,” Roberts said. “I’ll still be very active with Marathon through September 30 – the end of our fiscal year. It’s been a fantastic 30 years.”