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From “Wearables Style”

People are relying on towels to get them through the season, whether it’s at the pool, in the gym or on the golf course. With the number of fabrics, colors and designs now available, they’ve never been better as a promotional canvas. And while towels traditionally evoke thoughts of summer, the number of styles available means distributors can make sales all throughout the year.

“We carry everything from standard white, to a wide array of colors and unique stock designs,” says Anthony Romano, marketing coordinator at Pro Towels (asi/79750). “Towels are always in high demand. They make a great gift for business retreats, graduating classes or outings. And they’re ideal because customers don’t need to worry about sizes, and they have one of the largest imprint areas in the industry.”

Leed’s (asi/66887) will soon be releasing additional fitness and performance towels, some of which feature cooling technology. “These are ideal for construction crews working in the summer heat, as well as golf outings and athletic events at any level,” says Melinda Gorentz, assistant category manager – Travel, Towels and Bags. “Across the industry, beach, fitness and golf towels continue to be some of the most popular items in the mix. Towels have a universal appeal because everyone uses them to some capacity, and there’s a wide range of markets in which they can be used.” She says beach towels in particular are kept for a very long time, which offers a large number of impressions and return on investment.

While towels might not be at the forefront of end-users’ minds, it’s relatively easy to convince them of the promotional benefits, including versatility, the myriad of available colors and the large imprint area. “Suggest a towel while recognizing that it’s an item they might not be expecting,” says Romano. “Once they see the imprint area, available colors and unique styles, they tend to move forward with them. Plus, when you combine unique art in a large imprint area on a colored towel, it becomes a keepsake that the end- user will hold on to. It’s all about staying power.”

From “Advantages Hot Deals”

Be Aware

The Pitch: If you’re helping clients plan awareness events, Prime Line (asi/79530) is your source for a whole bunch of awareness products. I like the Ribbon Totes and Ribbon Grocery Shoppers, with handles that look like awareness ribbons. You can get pink, teal or purple ribbon handles. For pricing and to see their entire awareness line, click here:

The Bottom Line: For a good cause

From Stitches “Ask Phil”

Q: Dear Phil,
I have a customer who wants cardigan sweatshirts in multiple single colors: red, blue, etc. I can’t seem to find them anymore. I need help. – Pat

A: Don’t sweat it. You can find the Varsity Fleece Cardigan (product 4001) from Arrowear Athletic Apparel (asi/36915); 516-593-7800; It sports a classic retro style and comes in 25 colors, as well as sizes XS-3XL.

Your customer may consider dressing up with Dress Code (asi/48342); 347-828-7515;; which offers dozens of USA-made, solid-colored button-up sweaters, such as product C283, the V-Neck Cardigan for ladies, or C292, the crewneck version.

A final option is the cotton/fleece/polyester cardigan (product 11654) from Caplee Corporation (asi/43798); 949-660-0938; Choose from nine solid shades, including red and royal blue.

Selling Tip: Cardigan sweatshirts and sweaters are making a comeback in retail among high school and college students. Pitch them to school stores and sports teams.