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Holly Quattlebaum
PromoShop (asi/300446)

When Holly Quattlebaum was 28 years old, she decided it was time for a change. And boy, it was quite the change. With high hopes, little cash and only a sales assistant job lined up, she moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles. “I took a chance, worked hard and got some breaks,” she says.

Now, about two decades later, it’s fair to say things have turned out just fine. Today, Quattlebaum is a PromoShop standout whose sales were up 40% in 2016. She’s married to the director of pro scouting for the Boston Red Sox. And she’s the mom of three girls, including identical twins. And while Quattlebaum’s story reads a bit like a Hallmark Channel movie script, she’s as down to earth as they come.

“I wish I had a cool talent,” she says. “My culinary genius would be tacos on Tuesday. I’m not allowed to sing or dance in public, or my family will go into hiding.”

Truth be told, though, Quattlebaum is super talented. She holds big accounts, manages a household and just enjoyed the best sales year of her career. “I think I was able to find a good balance this year,” says Quattlebaum, who now lives on the East Coast and works from a home office. “It helps that I have an awesome assistant at PromoShop, Miriam Galindo.”

It also helps that Quattlebaum is great at her job. Her biggest win in 2016 came with none other than Lexus. “They were celebrating the 25-year anniversary for their Elite of Lexus program and wanted to launch a new trophy for the dealerships,” she says. “The trophy was pretty old and it needed an update.”

Quattlebaum outdid her competition, and after many months of back and forth, she developed a design that was put into production last March and shipped in September. “It was a very large order. I did my research and the agency I worked with felt comfortable with me,” she says. “The design was also great and that got us the deal.”

For Quattlebaum, the Lexus trophy was definitely one of her career highlights. But she’s just as proud of her consistency – year after year – ever since she took that chance and headed west. “Every life challenge I’ve had – having a mom with cancer, being pregnant on bed-rest, moving back across the country six years ago – through it all I’ve still always sold and sold well,” Quattlebaum says. “In this industry, that’s pretty remarkable.”