Distributor Salesperson of the Year Finalist - Glen Jusczyk

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It was April Fools’ Day, but the doctor’s news was as serious as it gets.

Malia Jusczyk, just 2 ½ years old, was dying of cancer, a tumor pressing against her aorta and kidney. But Malia was a fighter. And after a harrowing ordeal that involved chemotherapy, tumor resection surgery, radiation, a stem cell transplant, kidney removal and more, she emerged free of the stage four neuroblastoma. Miraculously, the spirited young survivor – who was diagnosed in 2011 – has been in remission for years. “She’s so full of life and happy, and she makes me that way,” says Glen Jusczyk, Malia’s dad. “I work as hard as possible in the hopes she can experience life to the fullest.”

The hard work is paying off.

Jusczyk’s massive success in promotional product sales has empowered him not only to support Malia, but to donate generously to the For Kids’ Sake Foundation. His proudest professional achievement is being able to give more than $10,000 worth of products to the pediatric cancer foundation, which he and his wife founded. “This year I want to increase my sales 20% and increase donations for fighting pediatric cancer to $20,000,” says Jusczyk.

There is little doubt that he’ll reach his goal, for he shares his daughter’s will and drive – something that has fueled success in business and athletics. The finisher of 15 triathlons, Jusczyk played soccer professionally in Major League Soccer’s minor league system. Through soccer, he got into the apparel business, starting a company in the late ’90s. The operation flourished, expanding into hard good promotional products and employing a couple dozen people.

Still, by 2008, Jusczyk needed a change, and he sold the business to his partner. He didn’t expect to re-enter ad specialties, but his daughter’s illness changed that. “Selling promotional products gave me the flexibility I needed to work and be by my daughter’s side,” he says. “I could be with her in the bed, sending emails and working on logos.”

Now an executive and thriving front-line seller at AMGC Inc. (asi/548902), the firm he founded with a partner, Jusczyk is excited for all life holds for him, his daughter and the difference they can make. “The more I sell,” he says, “the more I can contribute to the foundation and support a great cause.”

Glen’s best advice: Find something that motivates and moves you. Let that inspire you to be your best and drive success.