Sales Boost: Step 3


Follow these strategies for making Twitter a powerful tool for building stronger relationships and increasing sales.

  • Use Pictures, Videos and Hashtags: Twitter research shows that tweets with images are re-tweeted 35% more often than text-only tweets, while those with video get 28% more re-tweets. So, include pictures and videos wherever possible. Plus, incorporate hashtags on words in tweets that are relevant to desired audiences, thereby increasing the likelihood of re-tweets – and that your messages will be seen by people looking for your services.
  • Establish a strong foundation for your profile. Have a flattering photo. Feature a personal/company description outfitted with keywords that potential buyers might use to find partners like you. Make the page visually attractive, using imagery that conveys the personal brand image ideal clients will find most appealing.
  • Follow and Engage: Follow your clients and hoped-for clientele. There’s a chance many will follow you in return, which expands your network. Additionally, monitoring the tweets of clients and prospects will likely tip you off to business opportunities you otherwise would not have known about. Reply to, favorite and re-tweet your clients' tweets, which helps keep you top of mind. Also, mention clients positively in your original tweets. All this helps lay the groundwork for future sales.
  • Curate Great Content: Locate compelling online content and share it. Tweet articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, inspirational quotes and more that will appeal to the niche(s) you serve. Say you often work with manufacturers. Tweet links to interesting content related to that market. By sharing content that is relevant to your audience, you become seen as a valuable resource – a thought leader buyers are more inclined to do business with.
  • Link Back To You: Tweet links back to your blog, website, landing pages, YouTube channel and other online destinations. Link to content that adds value to your clients. For instance, maybe you've just created a blog or video with tips on how clients in a certain niche can improve their marketing results in 2015. Share that link with an attention-grabbing tweet. Relatedly, add a "Tweet This" button to your blog posts, website pages and more; this makes it easier for people to tweet your content.
  • Promote Yourself Tactfully: Posting Twitter-specific promotions, announcing special offers, sharing information on hot new products and more can bump up sales. Pepper these posts in among your curated content and social interaction with clients and prospects. Still, use these posts the way you would strong seasoning: in moderation. That way, you'll keep from annoying people and get the best business-bolstering results.
  • Up Your Game: As you get comfortable, experiment with more advanced practices to better leverage Twitter. For instance, use Twitter Advanced Search to locate new potential customers. Engage in Twitter Chats – live interactive discussions on certain topics; pick topics in which customers and prospects will participate.

Additionally, follow your competitors to get the dish on trending topics and gain insight into how to expand your own following. Use Twitter Lists to stay organized; these allow you to divide accounts you follow into different categories, such as “top clients.”

Also, edit your tweets to as few characters as possible, as this encourages engagement and re-tweeting. Consider using the Hashtracking service to discover tweeters who are particularly influential on hashtags relevant to your clients and prospects. Other analytic tools like SocialBro and TweetReach can provide insightful data that helps you better navigate Twitter for maximum revenue-generating returns.

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