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Thanks for the Help
    Hi Kathy,
    I actually just read your “Hot Deals” newsletter. I love it!! Very helpful and I’ve clipboarded some of your ideas for my clients!
    Helps me out when you help search for me!


Allison Sarver
      The Tactical Girl


Facebook Forum

We asked our Facebook fans: How do you practice cognitive diversity?

I think we are practicing it by a process of elimination, frankly. During leaner times when we pared down our crew, we had to have all of these cognitive functions covered, and we kept the people that did so. My question would be do you think it’s something that should be considered during hiring, or would you hire for experience/other soft skills and fit the person to tasks/ways of working according to their cognitive proclivities?


Erich Campbell
      Black Duck Embroidery
      and Screen Printing


I’m sure we all do every day in this field. While your support team may be on the same wavelength as you, your clients will not always be. It is imperative that you are able to work with anyone and everyone and tweak your style so they feel comfortable with you.


Jennifer Moyer
      Statement Apparel &
      Promotional Marketing


We also asked:

How do you motivate

Find out what gets your employee’s juices flowing. I have one employee who loves custom-made dress shirts, but his wife doesn’t like him spending that kind of money on a dress shirt. If he hits certain numbers, I reward him with a custom-made dress shirt(s). Whatever it takes to motivate him.


Heath Devore
      Image One Uniforms Inc


I know I love to win, so I love when there are contests. Most sales, biggest sales, most creative approach, etc. Not very unique, but a time-tested motivator.

Danielle Lum
    NK Promotions