Lip Balms

Lip balms are vital for avoiding painful sunburn and chapping. If you're looking to sell this cosmetic item, think Arizona: Yuma, AZ, is the only place on Earth that receives more than 4,000 hours of sunshine in a year.


Kit includes tube of SPF 15 lip balm and 1 oz. of SPF 30 sunscreen. From Admints & Zagabor, asi/31516,        866-556-4687.


USA-made lip balm comes in 18 flavors. From Webb Company, asi/95838,        800-999-9322.


Lip Rageous lip balm has a kiwi-strawberry flavor and custom label. From Leashables By Oralabs, asi/66715, 800-290-0577.


SPF 15 lip balm is made with natural oils and waxes. From AZX Sport America, asi/30250, 800-558-4836.


Flavor Burst lip balm has SPF 15 protection. From Norwood by BIC Graphic, asi/74400, 877-667-9663.


SPF 15 lip balm is petroleum-free and comes in nine flavors. From Natural Trends, asi/73497, 800-753-9591.


Color Fresh Lip Moisturizer comes in four flavors. From Evans Manufacturing, asi/52840, 800-745-3826.


Small jar of lip balm is made in the USA and comes in 30 flavors. From Bath Promotions, asi/38850,        310-532-4532.


Premium SPF 15 lip balm has an FDA-compliant double-wrap label. From Aloe Up Sun and Skin Care Products, asi/34362, 800-950-2563.


Lip gloss has a sponge-tip applicator, matte silver cap and silver band. From Diamond Cosmetics, asi/49640, 954-572-3462.


Double-end twist tube contains lip balm and sunscreen. From Ariel Premium Supply, asi/36730, 800-270-7474.


Natural beeswax-based lip balm comes in a mini soda can made of plastic. From Snugz/USA, asi/88060,        888-447-6840.