Hand Sanitizers

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, hand sanitizers are more effective at killing a variety of scary pathogens than soap and water. This represents an effective, affordable way for branders to reach the 50% of US consumers whose view of an advertiser improves after receiving a health-care product with their message on it.


Hand sanitizer and pen combo features a clear body and black ink. From Webb Company, asi/95838, 800-999-9322.

This 10-ml pen sanitizer is 62% alcohol and has approximately 80 sprays. From SnugZ USA, asi/88060, 888-447-6840.

Sani-Pen is a medical-grade sanitizer with a patented twist-lock top to prevent leaks. From Natural Trends, asi/73497, 800-753-9591.


Convenient, compact hand sanitizer spray fits easily in a purse, pocket or bag. From Norwood by BIC Graphics, asi/74400, 877-667-9663.

Moisture bead sanitizer has 62% alcohol and is USA-made in an FDA-regulated facility. From SnugZ/USA, asi/88060, 888-447-6840.

Use the carabiner to clip this bottle to your briefcase, backpack or purse. From Innovation Line, asi/62660, 800-421-4445.


Alcohol-based hand sanitizer features a silicone wrap that doubles as a belt loop.  From Bullet, asi/42424, 800-749-7367.

Alcohol-free hand sanitizer comes in either a 1.7-oz. foamer or an 8-ml pen sprayer. From Aloe Up, asi/34362, 800-950-2563.

Fight germs on the go with this handy 20-ml rectangular bottle of antibacterial spray. From Lanco, asi/66224, 800-938-4500.


Citrus-scented antibacterial hand sanitizer includes carabiner and laminated decal. From Admints & Zagabor, asi/31516, 856-931-7300.


Ten alcohol-free disposable sanitizer wipes come in a re-sealable foil pouch. From Jetline, asi/63344, 877-858-9908.


Pocket-sized pen sprayer contains hand sanitizer and features a scratch-resistant, waterproof Tuf Gloss customized label. From HumphreyLine, asi/62050, 800-547-4242.