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From “Wearables Style”
    Up With Ombre

Forget about tie dye. The crazy colors and psychedelic spirals can stay in the ’60s for now. The latest trend in do-it-yourself dye jobs is ombre: the two-tone gradation popular both in hairstyles and apparel. College students especially are attracted to ombre because it’s a versatile, unique look that can be achieved on a budget, says Nathan Lucrisia, marketing director at Atlantic Coast Cotton (asi/37355). The Internet abounds with step-by-step video tutorials on how to dip-dye the clothing in your closet for an ombre effect, he adds.

The team at Seattle-based Kotis Design (asi/244898) started experimenting with in-house dip-dyeing after countless requests from their trend-setting university clients. The style sets the wearer apart from the crowd, says Nic Thomassen, creative director at Kotis. “It gives them a unique, one-of-a-kind retail piece that was dip-dyed just for them. They don’t want basic screen-printing that gets worn as workout shirts or pajamas,” he explains. “They are looking for something they’ll be excited to wear. From the garments to the design to the printing styles, everything is taking on a more retail look.”

The ombre look has a much broader appeal than just college students, however. “Ombre is everywhere: You see it in hair coloring, interior design, industrial design, and of course, you see it in nature every day, in the sky, clouds, sunsets and water,” Thomassen says. “Since there are endless variations of ombre, it can be designed in such a way to appeal to any demographic, male or female.”

In terms of apparel, dip-dye ombre is employed in sweaters, denim shorts, hoodies, summer dresses, skirts and more. You can find the look sold by trendy brands like Kate Spade, Gap and Anthropologie. But for the promotional apparel industry, the most common garments sporting the effect are T-shirts and tanks, according to Lucrisia. The Next Level Apparel (asi/73867) burnout ombre tank (6532) is an especially hot item, coveted by many women as gym or yoga wear, he says.

Don’t expect the ombre trend to fade into obscurity anytime soon. Lucrisia sees a huge market potential for the style in the promotional apparel world going forward.

From “Advantages
    Hot Deals”
    Eating On The Run

The Pitch: Valumark, a division of Logomark (asi/93251) offers a great idea for take-out restaurants. Item VR3101 is a portable cutlery set that includes a fork, knife and spoon in a convenient durable ABS transparent storage case with an aluminum carabiner. Colors available are red, blue, white and lime. Pricing starts at $1.69-C. For more information, click here:
    The Bottom Line: Set the table for sales.

Now Hear This

The Pitch: My son is always losing his earbuds, but AdVantage Line (asi/31570) has a solution for college kids everywhere. Two-tone earbuds with a matching silicone case keyring keeps earbuds close at hand. Wrap the earbud cable around the center spindle inside the silicone case to keep the cord from tangling and keep earbuds safe and clean. This item is a one- color only pad print. Each is individually poly bagged. You can get it for as low as $5.45-C.See more here:
    The Bottom Line: Clean, crisp sound.

Light-Bulb Moment

The Pitch: Help your HR clients reward forward thinkers with the black glass and optical crystal Bright Idea award, which lights up at the push of a button. This very unique award is from Norwood by BIC Graphic (asi/74400). For pricing and other info, click here:
    The Bottom Line: Brilliant.

No Stress, No Mess

The Pitch: How many times have you wanted to punch your computer? (Or is it only me who has anger issues?) Toddy Gear (asi/91411) alleviates the stress and the smudges with the Stress Ball/Screen Cleaner made with plush microfiber. The dye-sublimation process delivers vibrant imprint color and the item is 100% customizable. Suggest it for new employee welcome gifts, college recruitment events (“take the stress out of your decision”) and more. Pricing starts at: 50; $6.50-R. For more info, click here:
    The Bottom Line: Squeeze out a deal.

Hey There, Cookie

The Pitch: Last Thursday was National Cookie Day. Sorry if you missed it. We had a big poll going on over on our ASI Facebook page asking what everyone’s favorite is. Chocolate chip seemed to be the consensus, but I liked Patrick Spanky-Murtaugh’s response the best: “Any cookie that makes it into my hand.” You can’t go wrong with cookies from Oh Sugar! LLC (asi/74868), specifically Nams Bits, their scrumptious bite-sized chocolate chip cookies, made with hand-cracked eggs and real butter. Yum! These are great client gifts and guest welcome gifts at B&Bs. For other available treat flavors and packaging options, click here:
    The Bottom Line: They will eat this up.