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Cheer Gloves from The Bubba Glove Company

Karen Lyman Denise McKenzie

OwnersThe Bubba Glove Company (asi/90704)

Q. Please give us some company background.
    A. We are two entrepreneurial sisters from Alabama with a huge passion for football and a deep desire for success. At a football game, we saw an amateur version of a glove that sparked ideas of what it could become. So, after many huddles, we are patented and approved to distribute to most NCAA teams, all NHL teams, high schools and cheer organizations.
    The Bubba Glove Company was started with a unique product called Cheer Gloves, which create excitement and spirit among the fans, because we believe that "Spirit is a game changer!"
    Fans like to show their spirit in some manner, some way. They have towels, foam fingers, shakers, etc. We took the idea of pom-poms and added them to the back of a knitted glove. We know what it is like to sit in the stadium with cold hands. We found our gloves were spirited and contagious among responders because they were unique, fun, allowed you to represent your team and cheer with the team's colors and logo, plus they keep your hands warm. Fans can always change the tempo of a game when they show their spirit and we can help them get their spirit on with a pair of Cheer Gloves.

Q. Which products are hot sellers right now?
    A. All of the gloves are really hot sellers, but the gloves fly off the shelves at back-to-school time, before MLB, NFL, NHL, NCAA seasons start and especially at playoff time.
    We also carry breast cancer awareness gloves, which are hot sellers for breast cancer awareness month in October.
    Our next big seller, the Boot Cuff, will be released in the beginning of April in a few color combinations.  These knitted Boot Cuffs with pom-poms around the top will help warm your legs and dress-up your boots, as well as show your team spirit.

Q. What features should sales reps note when pitching your products?
    A. They are fun yet functional. The Cheer Gloves allow you to use your phone with our texting tips. Many color combinations are available. We can do custom patches and custom colors, but they do require multiple order quantities.


The Chicago Blackhawks organization was one of our first customers, buying product (both adult and mittens) when we first launched in 2012, and continue to be one of our best customers today. The gloves were placed into the stadium store, "Fandemonium," and their retail store on Michigan Avenue.
    The marketing department also wanted to plan several promotional programs using the gloves, and of course we supported these efforts. Their plans consisted of having the Ice Crew wear the gloves and throwing the gloves out to the fans during period breaks. Gloves were also given to the kids that were elected to ride on the Blackhawk Zamboni.
    Going forward, we have planned additional activities, such as being featured in the newsletter for season ticketholders and placed on the merchandise carts that are wheeled into the box suites for purchase. As a result of these activities, our gloves have gained much momentum and continue to be a favorite souvenir for passionate fans.