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We asked our fans: What are your business resolutions for 2015?

One of my resolutions is to be more deliberate in going after more accounts in the education market, while retaining all of my existing accounts. I'm also intrigued by the list of hot niche markets, especially home health care and real estate, and I will be looking at ways I might be able to expand my reach in those local markets. Happy New Year!


Judi Brown
Getting Personal Imprinting (asi/205008)


Real analysis: Keeping a schedule for accurate understanding of where my time is going, real-time capturing of ideas, even if that just means making sure to have a notebook on hand, and feeding back this analysis into reviews of my calendar and goals. Also, learning to say no to projects that aren't keeping me headed in the right direction. It's all about maximizing effort.


Erich Campbell
Black Duck Embroidery
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Increasing our marketing efforts to go after new markets and expand our reach. Also ensuring that the new networking group I'm starting thrives in 2015. Also cleaning up our contact database. That list is some ugly.


Danielle Lum
NK Promotions


Better follow up! Scheduling reminders to check in with my customers!


Laurie O'Shea