Promotional Ideas for Love & Health

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a no-brainer in terms of sappy sentiments. However, put some careful planning into the occasion, and you’ll discover many creative applications for concepts of “love” and “health” during February and beyond.

Consider Awareness Opportunities

Most people know that February is American Heart Health Month sponsored by The American Heart Association ( While it is a very important cause and opportunity for awareness building and corporate sponsorship, there are additional health-related causes celebrated in February. Here are a few to consider in addition to heart health during February:

  • National Children’s Dental Health Month sponsored by the American Dental Association
  • National Wise Health Consumer Month launched by the American Institute for Preventive Medicine
  • National Cancer Prevention Month hosted by the American Institute for Cancer Research.

You can go online to and check out “Tips for Promoting a National Health Observance” page at There you’ll find a checklist including the following tips that can all benefit from promotional products. For example:

Develop materials to distribute at the event. (These could be cost-effective giveaways such as pencils, notepads, bookmarks or silicone wristbands.)

Send a press release. (Add an imprinted product to give dimension that makes your media kit interesting.)

Post flyers and posters throughout the community. (A recent search on ESP found more than 4,400 poster options from 181 suppliers in the ad specialty industry.)

Show Customers How Much You Care

February is the perfect month to show you care about customers and employees. Use Valentine’s Day to express your gratitude or to kick off a loyalty program. For example:

  • Show clients you “spring” into action to exceed their expectations with a Heart Spring (remember the old school slinky?) from Jetline (asi/63344).
  • A crystal heart-shaped paperweight from Pinnacle-Dimaggio (asi/78150) can be etched with a recognition message of thanks to employees or customers. Tell them they’re the “heart” of your business.
  • Heart-shaped chocolates are an appreciated touch when retailers wrap them with an imprinted future discount or with a message of gratitude for the customer’s support.

Look beyond February to build client relationships. Use Valentines to kick off an ongoing client appreciation campaign that occurs each quarter of the year. Another self-promotion that shares the love is a referral program. Use February to tell customers, “If you love our service (or product), please refer our company to your colleague or friend.” Explain that every referral resulting in business earns them points toward an incentive or a price break on their next order.

Five Products To Love

Nearly 10,000 love-related items are available from ASI suppliers. There’s something for every age, occasion or profession.

  1. Heart-shaped fans are an excellent handout for festivals, parades and concerts.
  2. Consider plush toys for children as a gift-with-purchase when dads buy perfume for moms.
  3. Heart-shaped stress relievers are a useful tool to keep patients aware that relaxation is important to good health.
  4. A “Love the Earth” Tote Bag from (asi/73967) tells an audience how much the advertiser cares about the environment. It’s an ideal gift-with-purchase from eco-friendly grocers during February to replace plastic grocery bags.
  5. A red Fleece Love Blanket from FIEL-Fairdeal Import & Export (asi/53509) is a way that teams with booster clubs can raise funds and show love from the bleachers.