Market: Music - Program: Tour Merchandise

When Sarah McLachlan wanted to learn about and design her own hoodie for her upcoming Lilith tour, President Shurli Allinot of Brandwear (asi/41545) was there to answer the call. Initially, the conversation came from McLachlan’s tour merchandise manager who was calling to find out what the talented musician could study in order to create the design for Brandwear.

Touched by the performer’s interest in being uniquely involved in the process, Allinot was eager to share with McLachlan the many ways that Brandwear could bring her ideas to life and reassured her that the design could be done from a simple line sketch which they could then interpret into a garment.  Discovering how simple it all could be, a meeting was set up.

“It was very exciting. We sat down together and the process began,” says Allinot.  What McLachlan wanted was a long hoodie, “down to my knees and scooped in the back,” she told her.  The aim was to create a garment that would be flattering to all body types.  “Sarah certainly created that for the Lilith Tour,” Allinot says. After three revisions, they had done it.

The results were a hit. The initial order consisted of 800 items, with the sales volume reaching $50,000.  During the Lilith tour, the jacket was reordered several times.  Modified with permission, the jacket is still offered “and of course we call it Item # 376-Sarah’s Hood, and it has been a great seller for Brandwear,” says Allinot of the garment.

Biz Tip

Although it can be tempting when dealing with the possibility of large-scale exposure, keep it about the client and listen to their needs. “If the project allows, provide them with the opportunity to do something that is entirely unique and belongs to them.” Allinot says. “They will stand apart from their competitors and they’ll appreciate it.”