Make a $15,932 profit with your client’s next promotion. - Spa Promo

The market for feeling good and being pampered is unlikely to be exhausted anytime soon. The owners of Paul’s Boutique realize this, but they worry that prevailing economic doldrums and the general cold-weather malaise may be sapping people’s interest in upscale comfort. Help reignite the desire for personal indulgence with a well-rounded selection of giveaways that touch on all the little luxuries folks allow themselves throughout the year.

Begin with a “New You” promotion for all fresh signups: a tear-resistant wine bag keeps spirits alive and encourages patrons to make regular spa visits part of their healthy habits. Exploit customers’ interests in healthy eating and environmental responsibility with a bamboo utensil set that makes the connection without being too preachy. For double-duty promotion, a combination lip balm/sugar-free mint container makes a point about paying attention to the details.

As summer approaches, coax customers in with some seasonal specials and sun-sational giveaways like a pair of sleek, comfortable sunglasses in bright colors. Keep spa guests prepared for sandal-wearing season with a simple manicure set they can take along on their beach vacation. And a tough, roomy trunk organizer is great for keeping all those vacation essentials in one place, too.

When the inevitable return of winter threatens to eclipse all that warm-weather happiness, fight the gloom with a tea set featuring a glass mug and stainless-steel infuser. Help clients maintain their glowing skin with a personal humidifier that can offset the damaging effects of dry indoor heat at work or home. Add a metal card holder with crystal decoration for an attractive gift that’s not only handy all year long, but complements the message of tasteful elegance and unfussy allure.

Massages, facials, pedicures – they all contribute to a healthy celebration of inner contentment and natural beauty. A good-looking collection of promotions will reinforce the positive message of being good to oneself, with results that will be especially good for your client.