Keep Employees Healthy

As we approach peak flu season, it is important to note that $576 billion is the annual cost to our economy because of sick days at work. With fewer employees to pick up the slack, small businesses are particularly susceptible to workers coming down with illnesses.

Bolt Insurance provides these stats:

  • 86%: Workers with chronic conditions that lead to missed work due to their conditions
  • 2 in 3: Workers who were sick but still came to work while contagious
  • 7 million: Americans who got the flu from contagious coworkers
  • 81%: Companies that offer some form of paid sick time
  • 3 in 4: Companies that offer worksite wellness initiatives and say the programs are less than 10% of their operating budgets
  • 85%: Companies who offer wellness programs and say they are going to expand them in the coming years

Encourage your clients to offer health and wellness initiatives and to reward healthy habits with a variety of promo products, including sports bottles, pedometers, sports towels, hand sanitizer, tissues and more.