Blast from the Past

As my wife and I dug out our cars this morning – Mother Nature dumped 8 inches of snow overnight – our two sons were snuggled in their beds.

There’s something special about snow days. First and foremost the closing of schools. YAY! But, back in the ’70s it was a painfully drawn out process of waiting to hear our school number called out on 610 WIP. “Come on Wee Willie Weber, just say 325 already!”

Today’s school closing was announced last night, via robo-call and text message. It came when there was about an inch on the ground. Really? I swear, when we were kids there had to be 14 feet of snow before they’d even consider shuttering St. John of the Cross parochial school.

And though my kids have the added benefit of sleeping in, back in the day we were up and wide awake getting ready for school. But when we heard that beautiful call of “three … two … five” (I swear it was in slow-motion) we went into full freak-out mode. Uniforms were off, snow clothes were on and we were out of the house.

We shoveled snow for extra money, went sledding and threw snowballs at each other and at cars too. We ate snow (not the yellow stuff though), sniffed our endlessly runny noses and went bumper hopping. Soup and grilled cheese for lunch, and then back outside. I can still smell the wet wool caps drying in front of the heater … ahhh.

So, enjoy this look at past Februarys on this fine, wintry snow day.