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A Bug’s Life


A Bugs Life

  When a company in the oil drilling machinery industry needed a fun summer giveaway for dedicated employees and key clients, they turned to Baymare Promotional Group. The client, located in North Dakota, came to Baymare with one goal: to create a swag bag filled with useful items for the summer season.  

The team at Baymare worked with their client to put together all the items in a giveaway bag containing a sports bottle, sunscreen, beach towels and scented insect repellent spray (IRS8) from Webb Co. (asi/95838). "We chose the insect repellent not only because it was useful," says Eric Mapes, sales representative at Baymare, "but because it also features a colorful digital imprint that really set off the client’s logo." In all, the client ordered and distributed 300 bottles of repellent.

To create a successful summer promotion that includes memorable, useful items, Mapes says he always takes a look at the client’s budget to start. "We ask them how much they can spend, and we also take a look at the application," he says. "In the warmer months, they might be planning an on-site company picnic, or a trip to the beach or Six Flags. Based on this, we’ll suggest different items."

When deciding on the products for this particular giveaway kit, Mapes says criteria included a generous imprint area and other important factors. "For instance, we gave out bottles of the repellent in a larger size," he says. "This way, the recipients will use it longer and there will be a higher number of impressions."


Scented products are perfect for making a memorable impression on recipients. Consider the salon and spa market: There are over 1.2 million hair and nail salons in the United States and the spa industry is a $14.7 billion business. Capitalize on the size and spending power of this niche with scented products such as candles, lip balms and lotions.


Aromatherapy candle is available in a variety of scents. Ideal for spas and resorts. From Lanco Corporation, asi/66224, 800-938-4500.


SPF 15 peppermint lip balm contains beeswax and organic extra virgin olive oil. From Idproductsource, asi/62088, 866-798-1549.


Car freshener gives off a lemon scent. From High Caliber Line USA, asi/43442, 800-707-2757.


Blueberry-scented antibacterial gel has an adjustable loop for attaching to bags and belt loops. From Evans Manufacturing, asi/52840, 800-745-3826.


Massage studios are a perfect fit for this reed diffuser with alcohol-free fragrance. From Bath Promotions, asi/38850, 310-532-4532.


Antibacterial spray meets FDA requirements. Great for nursing homes. From Prime Line, asi/79530, 203-331-9100.


Air freshener is made of recyclable, non-toxic cardboard and has a two-sided imprint. From Superex Canada, asi/90234, 866-214-4393.


Air freshener provides a generous imprint area. Consider car dealerships and repair shops. From HandStands, asi/59525, 800-228-8987.


Pocket pack contains eucalyptus- and spearmint-scented lotion. From Norwood by BIC Graphic, asi/74400, 800-336-9198.


Lightly scented insect repellent is DEET-free and EPA-approved. From Webb Company, asi/95838, 800-999-9322.


Lip balm blocks the sun's rays, offering SPF 15 protection. From Hit Promotional Products, asi/61125, 800-237-6305.


Scented pencil smells like chocolate. Choose from a variety of scents. Perfect for the education market. From Aakron Rule Corp., asi/30270, 800-828-1570.