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CASE STUDY - Big Sky Ice Scrapers


Big Sky Ice Scrapers

During Montana winters, an ice scraper is as necessary as a thick coat and warm gloves. At least one car dealership in Big Sky Country is showing its customers that it cares by helping to ensure they’ll always have that trusty scraper at hand.

The dealership is a client of Case Haslam, president of Billings, MT-based M.L. Schuman Co. (asi/32120tt0). Haslam sourced, pitched and sold the dealership a heavy-duty plastic scraper (product #DL725) from Magna-Tel (asi/68480) that features a patented handy clip that fastens to automobile visors. Since the first sale, the dealership has bought approximately 250 of the scrapers annually, providing them as a giveaway to customers. It’s a real staple,” says Haslam.

The appeal of the scraper is that its clip makes it easy to store, find and hold items like maps. But that’s not the only attribute that makes the scraper a winner. What really puts the item over the top is that it features a large imprint area that allows branding, contact information and other messaging to be displayed clearly. “The large surface area,” says Haslam, “allows you to put a significant amount of information on it.”

When speaking with prospects, emphasize the marketing potential that this imprint zone offers. Fortunately, the list of potential clients you can have such a discussion with is long. Beyond auto dealerships, the scraper makes an excellent giveaway for home heating fuel companies, plumbers, contractors, insurance agents, landscapers, car washes, auto parts stores and more.

Ice Scrapers

Temperatures could plunge to 40 degrees below zero in the Northern Plains this winter, the Farmers’ Almanac says. And with below-average temperatures and increased storm activity predicted for much of the country, this is an excellent time to make clients aware that branded ice scrapers are a perfectly    practical giveaway.

Heavy-duty plastic scraper has a clip that fastens to car visors, holding maps, notes, etc. Ideal for insurance agents to give to clients. From Magna-Tel, asi/68480, 800-467-2537.

Four-sided scraper/squeegee allows for high-visibility messaging. Pitch to tech firms. From Goldstar, asi/73295, 800-553-9646.

Nine-inch polystyrene scraper has rubber strip on the back for window cleaning. Think auto dealerships. From Bullet, asi/42424, 305-623-9223.

Retailers will like this extra-wide scraper with sturdy handle and thumb-grip control. From Ariel, asi/36730, 800-270-7474.

Ingenious product combines an ice scraper and a glove, ensuring that end-users’ hands will stay warm. Pitch to health-care clients. From Norwood by BIC Graphic, asi/74400, 877-667-9663.

The Light Scraper has LED illumination to help users see in the dark. Perfect for electricians. From The Magnet Group, asi/68507, 800-458-9457.

Ice scraper comes in bright translucent colors. A nice giveaway for trade shows. From Graphcoline, asi/57956, 866-636-7367.

Made-in-the-USA ice scraper changes colors in cold weather and has a hole for easy hanging. From Aakron, asi/30270, 800-828-1570.

Tire shops will go for the Great Lakes Scraper, which has a scraper and brush that separate for easy use. From Evans Manufacturing, asi/52840, 800-745-3826.

Scraper has 32” anodized aluminum shaft and a flared brush with triple-row bristles. Great for delivery drivers. From Superex, asi/90231, 866-214-4393.

Deluxe telescoping snow brush has extendible reach feature and 4” ice scraper. Think trucking companies. From Superex, asi/90231, 866-214-4393.

Clients in snowy climates will love this scraper that extends to 45.” Features a rotating brush. From Leed’s, asi/66887, 866-LEE-DS24.