editor's picks - Education


To capture some of the $2.3 billion education market business, distributors have to do their homework. Choose the right mix of high-quality traditional items and the best of what’s new, innovative and on-trend, and you’ll pass with flying colors.


Hold a notepad, pens, business cards and more in this desktop organizer. From VisionUSA, asi/80060, 800-422-2780.


Solar-powered calculator has a touch screen and eight-digit LCD display. From Focuson Gifts Inc., asi/55151,        718-496-3538.


Fan Hands are adult stretch gloves with texting tips on each finger. From The Bubba Glove Company, asi/90704, 805-341-9113.


This clear vinyl backpack is an easy solution for security checks. From PWS, asi/75731,        800-582-8288.


The Walker polycanvas cooler bag features PEVA insulation. From Bullet, asi/42424, 800-749-7367.


Polyester/PVC backpack has two side pockets and double zipper pulls. From BagZazz, asi/37966,        281-606-1244.


Mono-strap backpack fits a 15.6” laptop with a padded pocket for audio player. From CM Bags, asi/46420, 800-238-4858.


Notebook has three floaters in a liquid-motion front cover. From Colorstrike/Liquid Tech, asi/45820,        631-261-4922.


Full-size synthetic leather basketball has the look and feel of an official ball. From Galactic Fun Time Line, asi/55675, 800-678-8861.


Full-grain leather coaster is eco-friendly and features a debossed imprint. From Gill-Line, asi/56950, 888-455-4422.


Ruler magnets can be laser-cut into almost any shape. From LaserCuts, asi/72521,        360-863-8141.


Attach the SlingGrip to any electronic device and never drop the device again. From Corry Enterprises, asi/46509, 610-937-0566.