editor’s picks- Housewares


The NBA season is in full swing, and with 30 teams, that means a lot of game-day parties. Branded household items are ideal for entertaining guests. Consider them as appreciation gifts, creative messaging canvases and event giveaways.


Plastic container is perfect for holding snacks on game day. From Woodyz, asi/98175, 714-708-2203.

Stainless-steel multi-tool includes scissors, jar opener and more. From Alexander Manufacturing Co., asi/34040, 800-467-5343.

Bagel knife has an aluminum handle and stainless-steel 6” blade. From American Made Cutlery, asi/35560, 800-311-9690.


Plastic veggie peeler has a swivel head. It’s ideal for culinary schools and grocery stores. From AP Specialties, asi/30208, 866-258-6647.

Say thanks with this coffee pod that features a digital label wrap. From Webb Company, asi/95838, 800-999-9322.

EZ Pop bottle opener has an easy push-and-lift action. It’s great for bar promotions. From ALL-IN-ONE, asi/34256, 800-843-7367.


houseware_inner7.jpgThermometer attaches to the inside of a refrigerator and shows Fahrenheit and Celsius. From Energy Saving Products, asi/52483, 877-430-0377.


houseware_inner9.jpgHonor retiring employees with this leather coaster that has an imprinted coin in the center. From Medalcraft Mint, asi/70130, 800-558-6348.

Polypropylene spatula is dishwasher-safe and easy to hold. From Bay State Specialty Co., asi/38980, 866-947-6708.


Football-shaped cutting board is made of bamboo. From Zipline, asi/99030, 866-344-7677.

Eco-friendly companies will love this mini pail blossom kit with seed packet. From Illini, asi/62190, 800-935-5472.

Disposable plastic table cover can be imprinted with a full-color imprint. From Aprons, Etc., asi/36558, 800-467-1996.