editor’s picks - Fun


What does “fun” have to do with business? Quite a lot these days. Research shows that a relaxed work environment is a productive one, with millennials being especially receptive to this concept: 88% of millennials prefer a workplace that is “fun and social,” while 60% of older employees say the same.


 fun-inner1.jpgSelect a team for an officially-licensed Major League Baseball plush. From Steven Smith Stuffed Animals, asi/87849, 718-272-2500.

fun-inner2.jpgFootball-shaped 40-oz. sipper bottle has a threaded lid. From Woodyz, asi/98175, 714-708-2203. 718-496-3538.

fun-inner3.jpgFull-size synthetic leather football has the look and feel of an official ball. From Galactic Fun Time Line, asi/55675, 800-678-8861.


fun-inner4.jpgFeaturing an award-winning design, this pen has bendable arms and feet. From Aakron Rule Corp., asi/30270, 716-542-5483.

fun-inner5.jpgMore than 30 years of craftsmanship experience go into making “The Village Collection– Doctor’s Office” an unforgettable item. From Forever Gifts, asi/55087, 817-652-8064.

fun-inner6.jpgWooden mini air hockey game includes a laser-engraved imprint. From EMAX, asi/84114, 877-370-6912.


fun-inner7.jpgBag toss game includes two game boards and eight bean bags. From Baggo, asi/38028, 888-323-1813.

    fun-inner8.jpgThe 2015 Touchpoint magnetic cube calendar lets customers arrange their own calendar. From Norwood Triumph Calendars, asi/92185, 800-336-9198.

fun-inner9.jpgThis robot is a jigsaw puzzle and wind-up toy in one. From Proinnovative Inc., asi/79840, 800-858-4121.


 fun-inner10.jpg Sleek round white container is filled with mint-flavored lip balm. From Leashables, asi/66715, 800-290-0577.

 fun-inner11.jpgThinking Putty is a stress-relieving and fun promotion. From Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld, asi/47056, 866-578-2845.

fun-inner12.jpgThis football stress ball is great for coaches, players and fans. From Ariel, asi/36730, 800-270-7474.