Case Study - Scarf



Carol Riese is always keen to give her clients exactly what they want. And in the case with a college; a scarf was in high demand. But not just any neckwear would do. The buyer wanted a particular soft and elegant scarf the college had purchased in the past. Only she didn’t know where to find the product. Could Riese, a national sales rep with American Solutions For Business (asi/120075), help?
Indeed she could.
Riese swiftly started her sourcing sleuthing and soon found the exact item: the purple Bamboo Muffler Scarf (product #BMUF-008-S) from Wolfmark (asi/98085). Versatile, lightweight and featuring a 3-inch rope fringe, the product was just the right blend of comfort and style.
The college ordered 50 of the scarves to give as a "thank-you" gift to alumni donors. Riese, who has worked with the college on a variety of other projects too, expects the scarves to be a recurring order. "It’s a select gift they want to keep on hand," she says, noting that it was pivotal to find the bamboo muffler. "I asked my client, ’Does it have to be the same scarf?’ She said, ’It doesn’t have to be…. but it’s so soft and so nice and the color is perfect and we really want the same one.’ I knew I had to find the scarf."
    Clearly, the bamboo muffler is a hot seller in the higher education market. It has fans in other arenas too, from hospitality to corporate gifting and company stores.


European soccer fans often sport team scarves to support their clubs. The look is catching on stateside, and with more than 3 million youth soccer players in the U.S., the trend is sure to continue.


Soccer clubs will love this stadium scarf, which is knitted from extra-soft acrylic yarns. From KTP Design Company, asi/63773, 888-465-1290.


Made-in-the-USA acrylic knit scarf is a heavyweight warmer with a vintage appeal. From Wisconsin Knitwear, asi/97595. 877-572-1929.

Polyester anti-pill fleece scarf has a black binding finish and comes in six colors. Think school teams. From Ash City, asi/37127, 866-274-2489.


Microfleece scarf with digital imprinting is excellent for product launches and vendors at car shows. From Aglika Trade, asi/33201, 727-424-1944.


Heavyweight 52-inch scarf made from 100% acrylic yarn comes in colors such as antique green heather, driftwood and artic yellow. From Cap America, asi/43792, 800-487-2227.


Scarf has two nine-inch pockets for holding cellphones, keys, etc. Think corporate stores. From SanMar, asi/84863, 800-346-3369.


Jacquard woven fabrics make this 69 inch scarf especially warm and snuggly. Pitch to universities. From Footprints USA, asi/55030,        800-381-8940.


Hat and scarf set has slight ribbing detail throughout. Great for creating a unified look for teams. From Norwood by BIC Graphic, asi/74400, 877-667-9663.


Delivery drivers will appreciate this 100% polyester fleece item that has an anti-pilling finish and rounded corners. From Suntex, asi/90160, 336-784-1000.


Soft, 10" x 72" bamboo muffler scarf is finished with a 3" rope fringe. Colors include camel, red, soft green, navy blue and purple. From Wolfmark, asi/98085, 800-621-3435.


Recycled polyester microfleece scarf can be sublimated with full-color artwork. Great for fashion-forward end-users. From Boardroom Eco Apparel, asi/40705, 800-654-4002.


Knitted scarf delivers warmth and style in 10 colors. Show it to spas and resorts. From Otto International, asi/75350, 800-826-8903.