Blast From the Past

Tis The Season

Where has all the holiday cheer gone? For years, the December Counselor was crammed with holiday-themed ads offering “season’s greetings.” The imagery included Santa and elves, wreathes, Christmas trees, holiday dinners, winter wonderlands, Father Time and Baby New Year (one company used chimps in the roles), pictures of well-wishing employees, etc. But those days are gone. Bah, humbug!

A perusal of the last three years of December Counselors produced not one ad with a Currier and Ives feel. While I’m sure advertisers love readers and wish them well, today’s ads are all business. Santa Claus has taken a sabbatical.

But why? What happened? Were those holiday-themed ads a casualty of the PC police? You can’t say “Merry Christmas” because not all readers celebrate? Does the sterile “Happy Holidays” offend because the atheists among us don’t celebrate anything?

No matter the reason, the tradition of an advertiser using that precious space in December to spread good cheer among its clients has been scrubbed. Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus, you just won’t see him in Counselor magazine. But, with suppliers releasing new products faster than Tyler Perry releases “Madea” movies, advertising that fact is paramount.      So, with a nod to the past, Happy Merry Whatever from all of us at Blast From The Past. Enjoy this offering from Decembers past.


So much violence in advertising. Why did those knives have to stab those other products? From 1983

The science sounds logical. With the Bottoms Up bottle cap, carbonated beverages were stored upside down so the carbonation couldn’t leak out of the cap. But if it worked, why don’t we see this anymore? From 1979

A high-tech sweatband that will last FOREVER. Or, so says the ad. Maybe that’s why we don’t see this supplier anymore, once you buy the product you’ll never have to reorder again. EVER. From 1986


I still don’t understand advertiser’s logic. Why is this ballet dancer essential to this product? From 1986.

We have these awesome new streamers. Metallic. Glitter. How can we best portray that? I got it, let’s sexy them up with a model. From 1973