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Make a $3,278 profit with your client’s next promotion.

Staffing Agency

With employment making a comeback, Silver Lining Staffing Agency is busier than ever matching job seekers with employers. A new set of giveaways is all they need for a well-earned promotion.

When an applicant completes their online information and enters into the agency’s ranks, send a team of happy promos their way. A light-up key holder/bottle opener is a thematic winner that reminds applicants to look on the bright side, while driving to and from interviews. The faux-leather grip on the sharp Mateo pen is an unexpected touch that makes filling out all those forms a comfortable exercise. And for anxious applicants, a globe-shaped stress reliever can help promise them the world if they learn to relax before a job interview.

Once applicants have begun the job search process, don’t forget those daily routines that continue to give their lives some purpose. A serving of gourmet coffee helps when transitioning from fitful sleep to nerve-wracking awareness. Job or not, the laundry still needs washing, and with the understanding that the laundromat at noon may be rife with staffing prospects, a sublimated laundry bag is an outside-the-box choice. And after a day of pounding the pavement, imagine folks coming home to a bag of popcorn in their mailbox imprinted with the agency’s inspirational message (“Don’t Quit!”).

Promote your staff of eager achievers by having some promos to distribute to local businesses. The EZ Paq is a great way to combine a printed premium and/or business card with a full-color message about your services, while a debossed leather coaster is a value item that can sit on an HR executive’s desk. And for a big impression, how about a mousepad filled with blood? OK, not real blood, but a liquid-filled pad that could represent all the red ink a company is spilling because it lacks employees of the caliber you can provide.

Matching employees with their new career is a rewarding job. Assemble a smart team of promotions to help your clients find and keep their jobs and being hardest-working agency in town will seem like you’re hardly working.

Profit Potential

Here is a breakdown of our suggested items, their list prices and price codes, all boiled down to your potential profits. Keep in mind, supplier prices were current as of press time but are subject to change.

  Price Code Quantity Total Profit
Key Holder $1.36 r 500 $680 $272
Stress Reliever 0.99 r 500 $495 $198
Pen 0.90 p 500 $450 $225
Coffee 1.30 r 500 $650 $260
Laundry Bag 18 r 100 $1,825 $730
Popcorn 1.34 r 500 $670 $268
Mailer 2.13 r 250 $1,065 $426
Coaster 2.99 t 7.71 $748 $224
Mouse Pad 7.71 s 250 $1,928 $675
      Total $8,510 $3,278


Online Applicants

Push-button keychain and bottle opener supplies constant light and great advertising. From Bay State, asi/38980, 866-947-6708.

Squeezable polyurethane globe features a blue background with coordinating green continents. From Fields, asi/54100, 800-654-1517.

The Mateo pen has metallic bright colors that contrast with black and chrome accents. From Hub Pen, asi/61966, 800-388-2323.

Life Goes On

Single-serve gourmet coffee comes in a variety of stock designs, or send your own artwork. From Designing Ducks, asi/49441, 866-870-4847.

Fully sublimated nylon cinch laundry bag with drawstring closure is made in the USA.From LBU, asi/65952, 800-678-4528.

This microwave popcorn bag comes printed with a four-color process laminated decal. From Admints & Zagabor, asi/31516, 866-556-4687.

Local Employers

Create a detailed message with your imprinted premium in the full-color EZ Paq card. From DynaPaq, asi/51184, 585-869-6866.

Full-grain cowhide coaster is debossed with choice of logo. From TPK, asi/90511, 800-433-4053.

Liquid-filled mouse pad has images protected beneath the surface and a liquid motion. From ActNow Media, asi/31015, 770-416-6262.