School Supplies

In The Bag

The Waterproof Phone Bag from LOKSAK (asi/67781) is a perfect fit for school promotions, particularly outdoor events. Because students use cellphones constantly, “this product is great for promoting an event or brand to them,” says Ryan Zvibleman, senior account executive at LOKSAK. “When catering to students in particular, it’s important to find a product that they can all use.”

Still, the appeal of the Waterproof Phone Bag extends far beyond the education market. One company in the western United States recently used the product to encourage staff members to lead healthier, more active lives. The Security Service Federal Credit Union wanted a logoed item for their wellness program. From the beginning, they had their sights set on a product that would be used often.

After teaming up with a distributor, the company decided on a custom Waterproof Phone Bag. The product protects devices from water, sand, humidity, dust and snow, while giving the recipient uninhibited access to the device’s touchscreen and audio functions. It would not only provide impressions for the brand, but also encourage outdoor activities because of its protective features. The credit union distributed 1,500 bags to employees.

“We presented this product because most people nowadays have a cellphone,” says Zvibleman. “Recipients were sure to use this product to protect their devices.”

School Supplies

In the United States, there are almost 1,800 two-year colleges and approximately 3,000 four-year colleges. Branded school supplies are essential components of welcome packages for freshmen at these higher education institutions.

Journal comes in a leather cover with flap and button closure. From Ashlin BPG Marketing, asi/37138, 888-427-4546.

Notebook comes in a waterproof plastic cover with zipper pouch on the front. From Hisen Toys & Bags Co., Ltd., asi/61650, 951-553-8181.

Zipper pouch has a split keyring and clip. It holds keys and money. From Innovation Line, asi/62660, 800-421-4445.

School supply box includes a mini stapler, staples, pen, mechanical pencil and more. From Makana Line LLC, asi/68366, 800-371-7050.

Large flower-shaped highlighter includes five different color inks and a generous imprint area. From Nu Promo International, asi/74585, 888-294-5007.

Custom-printed lanyard comes with one of four different attachments and add-on options such as safety breakaway and quick-release buckle. From Idproductsource, asi/62088, 866-798-1549.

Padfolio has full-color, full-coverage printing on the entire front and back as well as the inside left flap. From Warwick Publishing Co., asi/95280, 800-383-7149.

Project file jacket has a custom-printed front. From Jancoline, asi/63121, 800-418-7888.

Ruler measures inches and centimeters, and has a built-in solar calculator. From Mi Line by Fey, asi/71032, 800-328-8944.

Credit card-style USB flash drive can be printed in full-color on both sides. From iClick, Inc., asi/62124, 800-456-9177.

Waterproof phone bag keeps devices free of water, dirt and humidity, allowing people to use the touchscreen and hear music. From LOKSAK, asi/67781, 239-331-5550.

Square badge holder extends 26” and has a metal clip for easy attachment. From Webb Company, asi/95838, 800-999-9322.