Sales Boost Step 5 - Target this Niche: Law Firms

With spending power and name-brand tastes, law firms can make great clients. Spur sales by partnering with them this month.

With spending power and name-brand tastes, law firms can make great clients. Spur sales by partnering with them this month.

Danny Friedman counts among his clients eight of the 15 biggest law firms in Chicago. Business is good.

“Law firms tend to have more budget to work with than the average customer,” says Friedman, vice president of Added Incentives. “They like to invest in higher-end products. They like name brands. You want to take a top-down selling approach because they like quality.”

Friedman’s insights are born of more than a decade’s experience working with some of the Windy City’s finest legal firms. He first got a foothold with law firms through cold calling. After securing orders and building a relationship with one buyer at a firm, he earned referrals to other clients within the same company. “With a lot of firms, there are three departments that do most of the purchasing: marketing, human resources and recruiting,” he says. “Once you’re in with one, you can network to others.”

Furthermore, Friedman says it’s wise to form strong partnerships with buyers in the marketing department. “Some of them move from firm to firm,” he says. “If you have a good relationship with them, they take you with them.”

Of late, Friedman has orchestrated a variety of orders that are representative of the types of sales he has done over the years with his legal industry buyers. For a firm’s recruiting department, he delivered high-end fleeces that featured the company’s logo elegantly embroidered. “Whenever they go on law school recruiting trips or have interviews with potential associates, they give out the fleeces,” says Friedman.

Additionally, for human resources departments, the Added Incentives sales ace has put together welcome kits for new employees that include branded merchandise like mugs, pens and shirts. “HR also likes to have something nice to give the administrative team for staff appreciation day,” says Friedman.

For buyers in marketing, Friedman has provided portfolios, select pens and journal books. One thing marketers do with the products is give them out to clients at seminars.

Since law firms are coveted clients, there is no shortage of competitors trying to snatch Friedman’s accounts away. He says the key to maintaining loyalty is providing unparalleled, personalized service. “You have to develop a real relationship with them and service the account at such a high level that the only person they think of when it comes to promotional products is you,” says Friedman.

By The Numbers

$2.54 Billion Gross revenue reported for fiscal year 2014 by Baker & McKenzie, the United States’ highest-earning law firm.

128,695 Number of law students.

1.28 Million Approximate total number of licensed lawyers in the United States.

Biz Tips:

Pitch Top-Shelf Products. Law firms, larger ones in particular, have higher-end tastes.

Network. There can be multiple departments in law firms that purchase promotional products. Earn internal referrals and work with them all.

Provide Stellar Service. High-quality clients like law firms expect great service. Be at your best, and you’ll win long-term loyalty.

Law Firms Want…

High-quality apparel, including polo shirts and fleeces

  • Journals
  • Portfolios
  • Mugs
  • Higher-end pens


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