Sales Boost: Step 3 - 11 Great Apps For Sales Pros

Increase productivity, get more organized and sell more with the help of these awesome apps.

Increase productivity, get more organized and sell more with the help of these awesome apps.

Sales Goal Tracker Pro ( This app streamlines and simplifies goal tracking for sales professionals. It empowers pros to track goals by day, week, month, quarter and year. The easy-to-use interface also shows what reps earn from each sales activity, displaying actual results vs. goals for a given activity. Furthermore, the app includes motivational quotes, marketing ideas and tips for closing more sales.

CamCard ( An ideal networking and prospecting assistant, CamCard quickly and accurately reads and saves information from hardcopy business cards into your smartphone contacts. Additionally, it empowers users to exchange electronic business cards securely. With CamCard, you can manage the digitalized business cards by adding notes, setting reminders and more. ( This app helps you master your to-do list. It compels you to start planning your day from the outset, prompting you to prioritize responsibilities. Follow-up reminders, listing people you’ll need to contact for each task, voice transcription and synchronization with your browser and Gmail interface are some of the cool features.

Evernote ( This note-taking app enables users to write notes, to-do lists and much more. Use it to arrange Web articles, documents and photos – to record voice reminders, discuss notes with other people without leaving the app, and to share notebooks on team projects. Evernote also allows you to easily search notes and photos you collect. The app syncs what you save across all your devices.

Dropbox ( The app gives users the ability to access files, documents, photos and videos on the go. Offering secure online backup, Dropbox synchronizes files between your smartphone, tablet and computer. Save something in Dropbox on your mobile device, for instance, and it automatically downloads into the Dropbox on your desktop. Quick file transfers, links for even your biggest files and the ability to create shared folders are other perks of the application, which provides 2 GB of space free when you sign up.

CalenMob ( A native Google calendar app, this application makes the Web calendar more accessible and reliable on mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With it, you can: Set meeting reminders via push notification, SMS or email for all events; instantly switch between eight standard views (day, week, month, week-agenda, etc.) to discover events or find times; and invite people to events and see their status. Notably, CalenMob can be used without an Internet connection; the next time you connect, the app syncs the changes to your Google account.

Carrot ( Described by its creators as “an artificial intelligence construct with a heart of weapons-grade plutonium,” this fun, highly practical app features a stern robot personality that rewards users for accomplishing to-do list tasks  – and “punishes” them for failing to do so. The productivity-enhancing app offers more than 500 unique rewards that are contingent on the robot’s “mood.”

Abukai ( A real time-saver, Abukai enables you to swiftly create expense reports. It’s simple: snap a picture of each receipt, hit “process expense report” and the app will generate a detailed report that includes date, vendor, cost categorization and other information.

Mailbox ( Built for Gmail and iCloud accounts, Mailbox makes it easier to manage email efficiently on your mobile device, keeping your inbox clean and relevant messages at your fingertips. The app enables you to quickly swipe messages to archive or trash folders, as well as allowing you to scan entire conversations in a chat-like view. Additionally, mailbox lets you put off messages until later and returns them to your inbox automatically. The auto-swipe feature learns from your activities to automate common actions.

InDinero ( Salespeople who own their business will especially appreciate inDinero, which facilitates managing finances. The app lets you: track business bank and credit accounts in one place, photograph and record business receipts, categorize transactions and get real-time alerts for business accounts.

Couple ( The schedule of a hardworking sales pro is hectic, but to be your best, you need to share time with that special someone in your life. Couple, an Apple Editor’s Choice Award winner, helps you do just that. Secure and private, the app offers everything from real-time messaging between you and your partner, a timeline of shared history and the ability to express emotions with fun sticker packs to a function that allows you to sketch together in real-time. There’s also the ThumbKiss, which causes phones to vibrate when you touch the same spot on your devices.


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