Sales Boost: Step 2 - 5 Timely Self Promotions

Stimulate fourth-quarter sales with these great self-promotions.

Stimulate fourth-quarter sales with these great self-promotions.

Ship Prospects an Ice Scraper: The weather’s warm now, but it will turn cold soon enough. Play off this with messaging on the ice scraper or in the package you send that presents the idea that you think ahead – that you’re a strategic partner who helps clients plan in advance so they can be as successful as possible. Naturally, be sure the scraper includes your logo and contact information. Messaging can be something like, “We’ll Clear A Path For You. No Matter What.”

Send a Stadium Scarf: “Don’t get caught out in the cold” can be the theme of this self-promotion. With the scarf as the centerpiece, this direct-mail campaign should encourage clients to start working with you now to plan their holiday gifts, awards and campaigns. If they wait too long, your promotion should emphasize, they might not get what they want – might be left out in the cold. The scarf symbolizes that you’ve got their back – that you’re there, prepared, ready to warm-up their holiday initiatives.

Gift Microfiber Cloths: Present key clients and target prospects with these highly practical and useful cloths, which clean mobile devices and computer screens. In addition to your logo, website and phone number, come up with a catchy tagline that conveys that you are a consultant who brings valuable insights and business-building acumen. Have the slogan tie into the product you are gifting. Perhaps something like, “Clearing Away Clutter. Helping You See Clearer.”

Share a Halloween Treat: Come early autumn, send clients and prospects a bag of Halloween popcorn with a message that connects lightheartedly with the day of spooky fun. Something such as, “With us as you’re marketing partner, you have nothing to fear.”

Host a Holiday Gift Preview Show: This will take coordination and some outlay, but can be well worth it if done right. Invite top clients who typically spend the most with you around the holidays to a party that doubles as a small end-user show. Also consider having clients who you believe are well-positioned to spend more this holiday season. Arrange it so that a select number of trusted suppliers are on hand to showcase their new holiday offerings. Ensure suppliers are prepared to discuss custom products they can create for end-buyers, too. Make positive that suppliers that carry certain items that are especially popular around the holidays – such as chocolates – are represented. Have the party catered. The show/soiree is a great way to thank clients, build stronger relationships and spur strong holiday sales.

Ice scraper features LED lighting. From The Magnet Group, asi/68507, (800) 458-9457.

Knitted, stylish stadium scarf. From BamBams, asi/38228, (703) 372-1940.

Microfiber cloth comes in a clear pouch. From Lanco, asi/66224, (631) 231-2300.

Bag of Halloween popcorn. From Jody’s Gourmet, asi/63392,(757) 422-8646

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Action Items

  • Plan to do at least one self-promotion suggested by the article.
  • Brainstorm a unique self-promotion you can execute this autumn.


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