Sales Boost: Step 1 - 10 Tips To Invigorate On-The-Job Enthusiasm

Put these tactics into practice and your enthusiasm – and success – will soar.

Put these tactics into practice and your enthusiasm – and success – will soar.

Remember Your Relevance: What you do matters. Promotional product sales professionals who act as consultative partners don’t just sling product; they provide custom solutions that help companies, schools, nonprofits, hospitals and more achieve greater success. Frequently remind yourself of the positive impact you have when you do your job well. Striving daily to meet that high standard will help keep your outlook upbeat.

Learn About New Products: Suppliers are always bringing new products to market, with the next hot seller just around the corner. Get together with key supplier reps to learn about novel items they’ve just debuted. Discuss markets where end-buyers may be particularly keen for the items, and consider who among your current clients would like the products. Doing so will open your eyes to new opportunity. Seeing fresh potential for strong sales and pitching something new helps fuel your drive.

Hunt For Major Clients: Sometimes, the best antidote to burnout is a new challenge. Few goals you can set for yourself are as potentially rewarding and exciting as landing a big new account. So, make it a goal to partner with one or a number of buyers with robust spending potential. Immerse yourself in creating a plan for winning the business of these clients. Break the plan down into specific steps and reward yourself in small ways for executing the steps. This will keep you engaged – excited about the potential for a lucrative return.

Be More Creative: Approach each potential deal with the mindset that you’re going to suggest a solution that will be truly unique – a branding concept or product that will impress the client, help them achieve greater ROI and differentiate you from the competition. There’s no time to be cynical when you’re proactively engaged in combining your industry acumen and creative thinking to conceive something special.

Give Back: Experienced reps can spark passion for their careers by passing on knowledge they’ve gained to more junior colleagues. Consider mentoring a younger rep. Look into speaking about sales tactics at industry shows and conferences. Start a blog where you share your expertise. Appear as an expert source in articles, blogs and videos created by reputable industry organizations.

Get a Mentor: Find a motivated, successful sales colleague with a positive outlook. Learn what they do to stay on top of their game. Emulate their behavior until it becomes natural to you.

Increase the Connection: Join some networking groups. Socialize more with colleagues. Strive to build deeper personal relationships with buyers. Focusing on strengthening relationships and building quality new partnerships puts your focus on other people – an unselfish way of thinking that brightens your perspective.

Recommit to Your Craft: There is always something new you can learn about how to sell more effectively. Sharpen your sales skills by scheduling time in your routine for sales improvement activities, such as reading books by sales masters, watching online videos about sales tactics and attending seminars on selling. Continually trying to improve helps establish a forward-looking outlook that will infuse energy into your career.

Exercise, Hydrate Properly and Eat Better: Giving your body a tune-up and then keeping it running smoothly plays a significant role in clearing out mental cobwebs and emotional clouds. Being in good shape physically improves your on-the-job attitude and performance.

Take a Break: Sometimes, you just need a little time away. After setting work responsibilities in order, take a trip and disengage – staying away from email and thinking about your job. You’ll come back with renewed perspective that will help spark success.

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Perpetual Motivation:

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Action Items

Write down at least five things you like about your sales career. Post the list where you’ll see daily.

If you’re experiencing career burnout, analyze the feeling, determine what specifically is troubling you and then come up with proactive improvement steps that are particular to your situation.

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