Sales Boost Quiz

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Are You Pumped About Your Career?

Answer key: Always = 3; Sometimes = 2; Rarely = 1; Never = 0

"Answer key"" Always Sometimes Rarely Never
Do you feel excited and enthusiastic about the sales profession?
Do you feel excited and enthusiastic about helping your customers?
Do you feel optimistic about being part of the promotional products industry?
Do you feel unbothered by the thought of completing routine work tasks?
Do you feel like you can manage your time well – confident that you can complete the things you’re trying to accomplish in a day?
Do you find it easy to muster the level of motivation needed to succeed?
Overall, do you feel well emotionally – not mentally fatigued?
Do you manage stress well?
Do you limit caffeine and alcohol consumption to moderate levels?
Do you feel satisfaction when you do something positive on the job, such as closing a significant sale?