Books & Journals

When businesses hire, they should consider the $20 billion per year illiteracy costs them and their fellow taxpayers. The fact is, good reading leads to good writing, and both skills build smarter adults whose ability to communicate and process information is vastly improved.

Improve brain fitness with the challenging activities found in this puzzle book. From Better Life Line, asi/40390, 800-635-1107.

Notebook has three floaters in a liquid-motion front cover. From ColorStrike, asi/45820, 631-261-4922.

This book lets golf fans relive some of the greatest moments in the sport. From The Book Company, asi/41010, 800-367-9388.

National Geographic Kids Cook-Book lets children explore the ins and outs of healthy eating. From National Geographic Society, asi/73383, 202-857-7337.

The RecipeBook is a convenient horizontal recipe jotter designed for easy recording. From JournalBooks, asi/91340, 800-438-3800.

The Impression Journal has an imprint on every sheet and a durable, 50-pt. cover. From Drum-Line, asi/50873, 800-284-2456.

The Color Pop journal has 96 color-edged sheets and a corresponding elastic closure. From Leed’s, asi/66887, 866-533-3724.

Essential 240-page journal has an elegant cover in several bright colors. From the Castelli North America, asi/44305, 888-645-2628.

This inspiring collection shows how to fly through life with heart and head in balance. From Peter Pauper Press,  asi/77802, 914-681-0144.

Keep your pet’s medical history at your fingertips with this health guide and record keeper. From Promopet, asi/79698, 888-558-1709.

Master personal health by knowing what your daily intake should be for each food group. From Fields, asi/54100, 800-654-1517.

To get ahead in a competitive environment, you have to network; this booklet can help. From The Promotional Bookstore, asi/79369, 717-846-3865.