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Regional Airline

After inking a five-year deal with an underserved but well-situated regional airport, WideSky Airlines is excited to promote itself as a convenient and affordable alternative to the giants operating out of the nearby big-city hubs. Cross-promoting with its new partner will give this upstart carrier a new identity as the area’s favorite low-cost option for thrifty travelers.

Welcome everyone to their first flight with some sensible promos, including a sleek brushed-aluminum luggage tag that shows off WideSky’s colorful logo to great effect. A neoprene luggage gripper is another eye-friendly giveaway that is affordable and practical. Similarly, a scuba foam eyeglass case is a great alternative to hanging eyeglasses off your shirt, and it’s as color-popping a product as it is useful.

Associate the WideSky brand with a relaxed attitude toward the demands of travel with some down-time promos like a set of earbuds with a long retractable cord for snag-free listening and quick storage. For a cheeky/geeky twist, give any readers caught leafing through an old-school paperback a full-color bookmark with a list of WideSky’s destinations from this airport. And a smart stone-paper notebook is a gift that encourages a deliberateness that the bustle of travel may not usually permit. This 60-page notebook is an eco-friendly gift that also delivers plenty of practical advantages over traditional paper; it even includes an imprintable pen for extra branding mileage.

Many guests will be flying to a destination they’ve previously reached via major carrier out of a nearby international airport. Thank these folks for trying WideSky’s budget alternative with a few air-savvy giveaways like a six-piece toiletry kit in a clear, no-hassle-at-the-gate pouch. Some of these destinations will be warm-weather vacation spots where an insulated six-pack cooler bag would be a big help in keeping everyone cool and complaint-free. WideSky can’t guarantee pleasant weather, of course, but they can certainly provide a top-quality vented folding umbrella in case the climate refuses to cooperate.

Travelers are always looking for a better way to get from A to B, and this partnership between a young, modern airline and a geographically-desirable airport seems to have wings. Well-designed and manufactured promos are just the first step on a longer, and mutually rewarding, journey.