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From “Wearables Style”

While tailored trousers and tops are still all the rage in fashion, this year’s catwalk at London Fashion Week gave hope to those who prefer their clothes on the baggy side. The relaxed fit is making a comeback, particularly in menswear. Roomier pants and loose-fitting tops are the perfect way to stay trendy and undoubtedly cooler in this summer’s heat. Here are some industry options that capture the trend.

Camp Shirts: The camp shirt has seen a recent boom, as it offers a casual approach to staying relaxed and cool in the heat. Wild prints on camp shirts are in style among younger men, but even basic tones have encountered a surge in popularity as they reflect the 1960s throwback trend. The Men’s Isla Camp Shirt from alphabroder (asi/34063) features a wide fit and coconut buttons, perfect for a vacation or even a relaxed day at the office. 

Lounge Pants: Baggy trousers were a hot item in London, and an easy way to achieve this aesthetic is with simple lounge pants. “Lounge jersey pants and fleece joggers really capture this trend. Lounge wear is extremely trendy at the moment and looks effortless, but it's not as easy hitting the street in the same outfit you slept in,” says Shakira Fuchu-Parks, marketing media manager for Boxercraft (asi/41325). “There’s a trick to how to wear your PJs and still look fashionable.” She recommends pairing lounge pants with other items of clothing or accessories to complete a look.

Pullovers: Sweaters and sweatshirts are always in style, but are becoming even more accepted in high fashion. “Pullovers are easy to get on and off, and you can throw them on over a shirt or T-shirt,” says Erin Tricker, vice president of sales at Broberry (asi/42057). Items like the Unisex Shawl Cover Rugby from American Apparel (asi/35297) refine this commonly slouchy piece by adding statement buttons and a high collar. 

Windbreakers: Windbreakers are an excellent way to keep warm on a cool summer night, as they are light but still protect the wearer from the breeze. They are also baggy enough to stay comfortable, and to layer. “Windbreakers are similar to pullovers in the sense you can throw them on in addition to what you are wearing for added warmth and protection,” Tricker says. “You don’t need to be worried about the windbreaker fitting over your shirt because of the relaxed fit.” These jackets are also compactible, making them great for travel. 

Nowadays, workers are constantly on the go; they want to stay trendy, but also be comfy. “Relaxed fit is known to be a looser fit, which is so important to today’s worker,” says Tricker. “Ease of movement and comfort play a huge role when deciding what garment to buy. People want to be comfortable in what they are wearing, and a relaxed fit styling allows that.” 

From “Advantages Hot Deals” All Bottled Up

The Pitch: The full-color, dye-sublimated, collapsible foam bottle cooler from JIT Manufacturing (asi/63009) is perfect for bars, restaurants, pool supply stores, family reunions, company picnics, concerts and sporting events … so you see what I’m getting at? It’s just right for any promotion! Consider including it in a Realtor’s welcome bag for visiting renters. It’s also on sale at $1.55; 200 minimum. Click here:

The Bottom Line: Drinks all around.

Easy Breezy

The Pitch: Another fun item for all types of promotions and events is the EZ Pop Bottle Opener from All In One (asi/34256). Pair it with the bottle cooler I mentioned above. Just push it onto the top of a soda or beer bottle and pull it off and poof! You’re good to go with your frosty beverage. Pricing starts at: 100; $4.50-R. See it in action here:

The Bottom Line: 1, 2, 3.