Promotions Planner

Plan creative campaigns three months out.

July 2015

National Grilling Month

Celebrate the sizzle, smoke and mouthwatering aromas and tastes that come with a good grill-up. Provide items like basting brushes, barbecue kits and savory sauces and rubs for corporate cookouts, home improvement retailers and companies looking to tie promotions into a fun BBQ theme.

Smart Irrigation Month
Provide landscapers and home irrigation companies with products they can use as message boards for promoting intelligent water usage to customers and prospects ( Think refrigerator magnets with five water conservation tips for homeowners.

National Hot Dog Month
Americans eat seven billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day, making July the heart of hot dog season. Local eateries can capitalize on the craze by hosting hot dog-eating contests. Partner with them on these events and deliver branded products for the fun, from bibs, signage and wet naps to special event T-shirts for staff, participants and viewers, who can be sold the tees.

National Ice Cream Month
An estimated 90% of Americans enjoy ice cream, and summer is when consumption spikes. Ensure staffers at ice cream parlors look great while serving the legions of customers by providing logoed T-shirts and aprons.

July 3 Stay Out Of The Sun Day
Organizations across industries can use this day to promote proper sun protection practices among employees, clients and prospects. Logoed sunscreen will deliver the wellness message – and provide a solution to UV harm, putting your clients in a positive 'light.'

Tour De France July 4-26
Sure, the month-long race occurs in France, but it typically stirs a spike in interest in cycling in the U.S. Help cycling brands and bike stores capitalize on the momentum with promotions that include sleek, modern water bottles.

July 9-12 Comic-Con International
With more than 9,000 exhibitors, this San Diego-based event is one of the largest showcases of comic art, artists and products ( Provide swag bags and more for exhibitors to give to the estimated 114,000 attendees.

July 13 Embrace Your Geekness Day
This day champions 'geek' culture – a celebration of all things 'nerdy' that have, ironically, been imbued with a cool panache in the pop sphere. Team up with young technology companies (Web design, SEO, video games) for promotional initiatives that play off the 'geek chic' image many of these businesses cultivate. Beanies, wayfarer sunglasses, novelty black frame glasses and T-shirts with clever (even slightly snarky) messaging could all be hits.

July 22-26 Oregon Brewers Festival
Held annually in Portland, OR, this is one of the nation's longest-running and best-loved craft beer festivals. Sudsmakers from across the country participate. Find out who they are here, and then provide them with branded caps, T-shirts, bottle openers, can coolers and more for the brewstastic event.

July 25 National Day of the Cowboy
A U.S. Senate resolution marks this day for paying homage to the nation's cowboy and pioneer heritage – and for honoring modern working cowboys and rodeo athletes. Work with vacation destination dude ranches, which can use the day to hold special events for which you can provide everything from western hats to specially branded drinkware.