Pet items

The American Pet Products Association states that total pet market expenditures amounted to approximately $58.5 billion in 2014. Capitalize on this thriving market by providing leashes, collars, apparel and more for pet-centered events.

Case Study

All Tied Up

Take a look at the dogs being walked on a street or romping around the local park, and it's immediately clear that people love to dress up their pets. When branded, Fido's apparel makes for ideal promotional items, since the typical logo placement over the shoulder blades and along the back provides an unobscured view of the brand message.

 A major pet food company certainly recognizes this. The company is a regular customer of Bowers & Associates (asi/144035), which supplies the client with branded pet bandannas (TLASOL-100) from Caro-Line/Bandanna Promotions (asi/44020). The end-buyer consistently uses the bandannas for adoption events and fairs, shelters and fun outdoor gatherings of owners and their pets.

"It's great advertising for a brand," says Noel Jemas, executive vice president of Bowers & Associates. "Any pet-related events are a good fit for these bandannas. You can put just one logo, or even do several on one piece." Jemas adds that the bandannas not only display the brand well, but are also low-cost and come with fewer sizing concerns, since one size fits most.

 Encouragingly, Jemas says the big pet food company typically makes high-volume purchases at once, then distributes 100 to 500 pieces at an event. "The pet market is a large one, and owners don't scrimp," Jemas says. "They might go out to eat less, but they take care of their pets."

Pet waste bag dispenser comes in blue or white and contains 15 waste bags. From Fields Manufacturing, asi/54100, 800-654-1517.

Suds n Toss disposable towel is soap-infused for a quick bath and has a one-color imprint. From Sudz n Toss LLC, asi/90026, 844-783-7686.

Fully sublimation-dyed pet collar is made of heavy-duty polyester webbing and has a buckle, D-ring, tri-glide and loop. From Bullet, asi/42424, 800-749-7367.

Pet food scoop is dishwasher-safe and has a large logo area on the handle. From Garyline, asi/55990, 800-227-4279.

Retractable leash extends to 10 feet, and has a plastic lining on the handle for a comfortable grip and a locking mechanism. From Gold Bond Worldwide, asi/57653, 423-842-5844.

Polyester leash is 54" long and accommodates a silkscreened imprint. From Idproductsource, asi/62088, 866-798-1549.

Raglan sleeve T-shirt for dogs has ¾ sleeves and comes in six color combinations. From American Apparel, asi/35297, 213-488-0226.

Pet health pamphlet contains information on adoption, preventive medicine, emergency care and more. From Better Life Line, asi/40390, 800-635-1107.

Fire hydrant-shaped waste bag dispenser contains 10 biodegradable waste bags and comes in four colors. From Illini, asi/62190, 800-935-5472.

Pet leash is made of sturdy polyester and measures 72". From Norwood by BIC Graphic, asi/74400, 877-667-9663.

Pet scarf is made of anti-pill polar fleece and features a secure-loop design. From FIEL, asi/53509, 800-851-3435.

Triangle bandanna for pets is made of 100% cotton. From Caro-Line/Bandanna Promotions, asi/44020, 800-849-6644.