Gardening makes you a part of a huge – and growing – community. By 2014, 42 million households were planting and producing food in their own garden or as part of a community garden, a 17% increase in just five years. Expect this do-it-yourself trend to continue.

Case Study

Surf's Up

Luxury swimwear brand Basta Surf's identity is built on a line of conscientiously produced beach apparel aimed at discriminating customers. Shoring up that brand identity means that even the hang tags on Basta's products must reflect values of quality, subtlety and an environmentally conscious worldview.

So, when Basta approached Austin, TX-based distributor PrintGlobe with an idea for a seeded hang tag, senior account manager Camilea Robertson knew just the right product. She suggested the seeded paper hang tag (PST) from Bloomin Promotions (asi/40646). The initial order was a resounding success. Since then, 12 more orders have followed, making the Basta brand and the Bloomin tag virtually inseparable.

"They wanted to elevate their brand," says Robertson. "They thought that this would be effective in showing their earth consciousness and organic materials."

Basta donates a part of its profits to causes that promote clean water. The company promoted this eco-conscious initiative on the back of the letter-pressed tags. Beyond complementing Basta's environmental efforts, says Robertson, the wildflower-seeded tags promote a free-and-fruitful attitude that is in keeping with Basta's worldview.

"It allows the business to show the customer they are thinking of them in other ways than just selling swimwear," Robertson says. Since that first order for 2,500 pieces, the tag has hardly changed, but the orders have grown as large as 10,000. Basta continues to order regularly. Says Robertson: "Their reorders are evidence of their satisfaction."

Promo Planter stands 3" tall and comes with seed packets and soil disks. From Aakron Rule Corp., asi/30270, 800-828-1570.

Cotton drawstring pouch is filled with choice of seeds or potpourri. From Groline, asi/58295, 800-637-4823.

Stonewashed denim waist apron has three pouch pockets. From ERB Safety & Fame Fabrics, asi/51204, 800-800-6522.

Garden banner is printed on knitted polyester with acid dye inks. From Quinn Flags, asi/80228, 800-353-2468.

Poly-cotton bib apron features an adjustable neckband with three bottom pockets. From FIEL, asi/53509, 800-851-3435.

Polypropylene bird feeder uses a two-liter bottle (not included) filled with birdseed. From Beacon Brand Builders, asi/39250, 800-628-9979.

Canvas work gloves have white knit wrists and a seamless back. From Honest Abe, asi/62192, 800-342-5458.

Silver metal mini pail blossom kit includes seed packet and peat pellet. From Illini asi/62190, 800-935-5472.

Wooden cube is filled with nutrients and seeds. Just water and keep in a bright place. From Milano Worldwide, asi/71170, 561-266-0201.

Recycled  hang tag/bookmark has a seeded paper tree shape attached. From Bloomin' Promotions, asi/40646, 800-894-9185.

Insect repellent and sunscreen pen sprayer combo is lightly scented. From Webb Company, asi/95838, 800-999-9322.

Herb watering can has a recyclable tin and four varieties of seeds. From Gordon Sinclair, asi/57800, 800-226-0808.