Spring showers

With warmer weather on the horizon, people are venturing outside more frequently. Rain or shine, an umbrella is the perfect accessory for everyone, providing shade from the sun, or cover from those April showers. A client’s brand will get around as umbrella users play a round of golf, take their dog for a walk, or attend a baseball game.

Offer quality with the flashlight umbrella from Stromberg Brand (asi/88995) with its push-button flashlight in the handle; your clients will stay dry and safe as they light the path to their car after a late night in the office. Appeal to sports fans with the large umbrella from Redline (asi/81133), perfect for staying dry while watching the game or blocking the sun for an unhindered view.

The umbrella is no longer a single-function accessory. Point out to your client the many styles and options available like manual or automatic open and close technologies, various size ranges, and vibrant colors. Be sure to add a few to your line so your clients will tote you around with them wherever they may go.