Reader Feedback

Feeling Loved

Hi Kathy :
We love your magazine; it is an invaluable sales tool, and helps keep us abreast of
of all the cool new products in the industry.

Philip Clark

Brands Matter

Ed. Note: The following was posted on our Facebook page when we asked, “Do brands matter?”

This is a bit of a silly question, isn’t it? Of course brands matter, and of course you should be spending time building your brand.

The whole objective of “branding” is to create top-of-mind awareness with a consumer. You want your clients and potential clients to associate your logo (visual) with your company name (audio), and you want them to remember it (in a positive way, I might add). All. The. Time.

Of course, this is only if you want to grow your business and increase your clientele. If you’re happy with where you’re at and only want (or can only handle) a few additional word-of-mouth referrals, then by all means, don’t worry about your brand.

Chris C. Clark