Pet Fair

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After a long winter, a green field filled with frolicking pets and their beaming owners is a welcome sight indeed. This is why the annual county pet fair is such a big deal, and the visitors who love their pets also love the products that help make taking care of them easier.

The organizers have in the past offered a few giveaways, but they like the idea of expanding their promotions. Traditionally, the first 100 visitors were given T-shirts, but this year a few more goodies are up for grabs by these early birds. An LED powered pet first-aid kit brings peace of mind to owners and is a great safety item for dog walkers, too. Clients can pair up with event sponsors to brand helpful items like a pack of yummy dog treats, or a 1-oz. dispenser of hand sanitizer – nice to have after a day of petting pups and shaking paws.

The highlight of the fair is the pet parade, so make sure to have useful promos to hand out to participants. An easy-to-carry brush/massager will bring joy to any furry fellow, especially after a full day of excitement. A branded food bowl is another great idea, and comes in a bunch of fun colors, too. Help owners cut down pet food waste with a handy can cover; it also helps keep food secure when traveling with pets.

Each year, an adoption agency joins the fair and helps find new homes for older pets. Cross promote with the agency and brand items such as a stain resistant, non-slip pet mat that’s perfect for droolers. A pet ID kit has room for photos and pertinent information in case of emergency. And owners of rambunctious animals will appreciate a large nylon collar that can put up with even the most excitable hound.

At the end of the day, when tired pets and owners disperse, and as previously lonely senior pets curl up in new beds, these products will connect animal lovers to the advertisers that serve them. Now who’s man’s best friend?