Case Studies

Market: E-Commerce
Program: Ribbon Cutting

n September 2013, Zappos, the online clothes and accessories retailer known for its top-notch customer service and energetic company culture, moved its headquarters to Las Vegas. The transfer to glitzy Vegas was two years in the making, and it was the perfect step to indicate its relevance in a big way.


To celebrate, Zappos held a ribbon-cutting event at their new location, the refurbished former city hall in downtown Las Vegas. CEO Tony Hsieh and Mayor Carolyn Goodman spoke to the packed audience of 1,600, most of whom were Zappos employees taking a look at their new offices for the first time.

To make a splash at the grand opening, Zappos enlisted Leaderpromos (asi/287087) for creative ideas to promote the brand. “This was a historic move, and a very big deal for both Zappos and the city,” says Ivan Kuo, account manager at Leaderpromos. “Because of the importance of the occasion, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was definitely in order.” Zappos worked with Leaderpromos to design a branded ceremonial ribbon that wound its way through the building’s plaza and up several balcony levels. They also distributed 1,600 logoed scissors, one for each attendee. “Zappos has an incredible company culture,” says Kuo, “so they wanted each and every employee to share that special moment of cutting the ribbon all together.”

Biz Tip

In order to bring creative ideas to the table from the beginning, it’s important to be in tune with the client’s company. “Pay attention to what’s going on in their world,” says Kuo. “The more you know about their culture and how they do business, the better chance you have to offer something creative. You might be able to uncover hidden opportunities outside of the traditional range of promotional products.”

Market: Entertainment
Program: Film Festival

Jose Marquez, CEO of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LIST), and Lance Robertson, CMO of the Black Latino Council, are the creators of the Georgia Latino Film Festival. “In just one year our footprint has expanded exponentially,” says Robertson.


To kick off the festival, Hispanicize HX, the regional Latino events platform of the annual Hispanicize event, held a special edition red carpet event, gathering the city’s top influencers in journalism, blogging, marketing, technology and entertainment with “TED”-type presentations, networking and a musical performance.

With the help of sponsors such as Coca Cola, Hispanicize Wire and Sofrito for Your Soul, the festival provides an opportunity for corporations to target the fastest growing movie-going audience. The sponsors promoted their products and services with branded signage and banners, and giveaways such as T-shirts, stickers and other marketing items.

Last year, several television channels, radio stations and newspapers picked up the story, including CBS News, Telemundo and Univision. GaLFF set up a blogger lounge and promoted sponsors through social media channels Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. “Our HX events will bring greater media, social media and marketing recognition to talented presenters and Latino music artists that deserve to be better known,” says Manny Ruiz, founder of the Hispanicize platforms, in a press release. “Through the HX events and our Hispanicize Wire press release distribution platform, we will change the game for influential thought leaders and Latin music artists.”

Biz Tip

Help your clients get a better turnout to their event by getting the word out to the press. “We make PSA audio, video and script in English and Spanish and provide local mainstream, urban and Latino media with content they can use,” says Robertson. “Plus we form media partnerships so the event will have great coverage and continue to grow.”

Market: Stock Contracting
Program: Souvenirs

When she’s not running her business, Linda Martinelli, president of Proforma Graphic PrintSource (asi/300143) is a proud owner of several baby bucking bulls. She is involved in futurities, a process in which buyers invest in baby bulls that have not yet proved their talent in the bull-riding arena. As the bulls mature, they’re entered into events where they can show off their bucking skills before they’re old enough to accommodate a rider.


“The first event for the bulls is when they’re a year old,” Martinelli explains. “It’s called Million Dollar Buck Day and Barbeque. It’s a long and exciting two days put on by Exclusive Genetics and The Jaynes Gang, from whom I buy my babies. Each owner has their first look at their young bull, and they find out if they have a stud or a dud.”

For the 2013 Buck Day and Barbeque, the hosts wanted useful items to commemorate the event. Martinelli began by printing placemats from DIGISPEC (asi/49716). “Then I recommended that we add matching cups from Visstun (asi/93975) in various sizes,” she says, “along with plates and napkins from TK Cups-Sorg’s (asi/88200).” Martinelli printed 100 placemats, and 1,000 each of the plates, napkins and cups.

“It was so fun and well received,” she explains. “The people in stock contracting are really salt-of-the-earth and they love the sport, so the keepsakes were a real treat for them. It allows us to be creative and fun, and because I attend the events too, I get to see the products in the hands of the recipients. That’s especially rewarding.”

Biz Tip

“It’s so important to simply look for business everywhere,” says Martinelli. “If you can pull some of the elements of the client’s identity into the design, that’s what makes it special. We pulled in their design from another project, and modified it to work here so that there was consistent branding from previous events.”

Market: Beer
Program: Cultural Series

Indio, the dark lager Mexican beer, joined forces with VICE Media for CASA Indio, a new multi-city event series where art, music and culture get together and encourage consumers to “Do Their Thing” and interact with talented artists from Mexico and the U.S.


The events, which began on Memorial Day, were held in Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin and San Francisco, and helped raise funds for the National Museum of Mexican Art (NMMA).
To encourage media contacts to spread the word about the events, Indio gave them the “key” to CASA Indio: key-shaped, branded USBs that were loaded with everything they needed to promote, including press materials, artist lineups, flyers, photos and videos.

“We distributed the USBs in several ways, including a pre-event mailer to key bloggers as well as to contacts who attended the events,” says Gustavo Guerra, brand director for Indio. “We leveraged VICE’s media networks and other digital networks like Townsquare Media, YouTube, Facebook, etc. to share artist lineups, while targeted PR efforts helped us secure editorial coverage and media attendance to the events.”

At each happening, guests are treated to live music from bands like I Can Chase Dragons!, Elis Paprika and Los Macuanos, as well as art workshops and Indio beer samples. L.A. Taco offered two winners VIP access to a special happy hour on May 24, where they could meet the artists who were performing that night. Once the events began, the winners had access to a VIP area where they received free Indio beer and food, and they were guaranteed spots on the guest list to all the events listed on the flyers.

Biz Tip

Make sure to reach out to blogs as part of the PR strategy. The team contacted blogs like L.A. Taco and Galería Alternativa to give their readers the opportunity to have a VIP experience at CASA Indio and win screen-printed posters autographed by participating artists.