How To Utilize A Video Series to Build Your Business

Attract more prospects and better engage clients with an online video series.

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Video far surpasses that.

A study from Forrester Research shows that one minute of online video can be as effective as 1.8 million words of text. Such findings illustrate that video can be a powerful weapon in a distributor’s marketing arsenal. One particularly effective way to maximize the brand-building, customer-engaging impact of video is to start a video series. Here are eight guidelines to follow.

Brand It: Give the series a catchy title – one that, if possible, quickly indicates the general focus. Have a logo for the series that appears in the beginning of the video, along with a brief introduction that starts each vid. Be sure the title, logo and intro imagery/music are consistent with your brand.

Cater to Customers: The series should present content that informs, entertains and educates clients and prospects. Consider focusing on your areas of expertise, particularly promotional products and branding. Angles can include everything from demonstrating cool new products and giving ideas for how to use them in promotions, to interviewing marketing experts about trends.

Be Brief: Shorter videos tend to get greater engagement, with more people clicking on them and watching them through to the end. Shoot to stay in the one-to-five-minute range.

Be Genuine: People will sniff out a fake, so don’t put up a bogus front. Instead, consider the personal attributes you possess that help you appeal to customers. Then work at faithfully translating that persona into video. The authenticity makes you more likeable and trustworthy.

Adhere to a Schedule: Consistency is key. Having a regular schedule for releasing videos will help remind audiences to look for it, which can generate more engagement.

Invite Action: At the end of the videos, feature a call to action. This can include showcasing contact information and inviting people to contact you and visit your website. It also can include asking people to sign up to have your video updates emailed to them.

Don’t Fret Over Production: You shouldn’t have to hire a production company. While you don’t want the videos to look shoddy, they also don’t have to be Hollywood blockbusters. There is affordable recording equipment out there. And remember, some successful video series are simply shot with smartphones.

Promote the Series: Use social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to promote your videos. In addition to posting the videos on your website, establish a YouTube channel and put the content there and on other sharing platforms like Vimeo and Dailymotion. Feature the videos in your email marketing, including your e-newsletter. Promotion should also include using smart SEO tactics; include keywords in the title and video description, while also adding appropriate tags.


Check Out The Joe Show, an ASI-produced video series that focuses on promotional products.