5 Reasons to Use an Online Designer

1. Customer focus.
Scott Allen, president of InkSoft, which offers InkSoft Professional software for business management, online design and web stores, says an online designer tool allows customers to serve themselves, which is becoming increasingly popular. “They’re involved in the purchase and design process, which is now an expectation, not just an option,” he explains.

2. Convenience.
“Just as consumers want to be involved in the design process, they also demand ease and convenience throughout. “Every major online retailer is focused on removing all friction from the buying process,” Allen says. “Amazon’s Dash buttons,” the small Wi-Fi-connected devices that reorder products with one click, “are a great example of easy ordering.”

3. Engagement.
“Personalization should be interactive and engaging, not mysterious,” Allen says. “Engagement in a fun experience creates repeat satisfied customers who promote good experiences and products online using their social media channels. These influencers can help you create new selling opportunities, all for free.”

4. Time.
“Clients are busy, and rush orders are becoming more and more common. “They don’t have time to wait for the art approvals, revisions and edits,” Allen says. “They want cool printed goods now. Spare your staff and customers from the ugly back-and-forth email game.”

5. Memorability.
“To thrive in today’s marketplace, customers want to differentiate their product, service and brand,” Allen says. “An online designer with awesome graphic content can really make the product special.”