3 Tips for Paid Search

Savvy targeted paid search ads will make you more visible online.


Try Google AdWords:
Undertake a small, strategic Google Adwords campaign, says Natalie Henley, president of Volume Nine, an SEO, content marketing and social media agency. Since many keyword phrases in the ad specialty industry could be cost prohibitive, Henley suggests focusing on terms rooted in local geography and products, like “promotional water bottles Miami, FL,” with the campaign running in said locale. “Start small with Adwords and build over time if you aren’t getting clicks,” says Henley.

Have Local Search Ads on Google Maps:
Ads on Google Maps help you reach prospects who are searching on Maps for businesses in the promotional products space. Search ads can appear on both the desktop and mobile versions of Google Maps. And, with mobile, ads can feature call or directions buttons. “These ads allow you to get preferential placement on local map searches, which is great for driving foot traffic to a brick and mortar business,” Henley says.

Invest in Facebook Advertising:
“It’s easy to get started with, very cost effective and will allow you to target in your geographic area and by other different aspects,” says Henley.